Docking Station Compatibility


Compatibility with HP Docking Station

Many HP notebooks and laptops have built-in compatibility with the HP docking station. You don’t need to search for a universal docking station that will connect any laptop with USB 3.0 ports.

A combination of the HP advanced docking stations and HP docking stations can provide access to approximately 6 USB ports. It is easier to establish an immediate connection to your USB peripherals.

These docking stations can hold up to two video display port connectors. They are also unique because they have a docking station cable lock and a standard notebook lock slot.

The best HP docking station compatible with HP devices

1. HP EliteBook ultraslim

This sleek docking station can be used to enhance productivity and workflow in your personal and professional environments. This docking station is designed specifically for professional book series. It works with HP EliteBook, HP ProBook, and HP Z family laptops. There are four USB 3.0 ports, one VGA, two display 1.2, one line in Jack, and one rj45 Jack.

2. HP USB travel docking station

This portable, HP USB travel docking station is ideal for multitasking. You just need to connect to Ethernet to browse the Internet.

The dock also includes two USB ports: 1 HDMI, 1 VGA, and 1 rj45jack. It is light and easy to carry due to its slim design.

3. Universal HP USB C

The HP docking station allows for a seamless connection to an unlimited number of auxiliary devices. It also includes a USB C charging port and a USB 3.0 charging point. It connects to the HP notebooks quickly and creates a connection to both the displays and the wired network.

It shares HP docking station compatibility, especially with the HP ProBook, Healthcare edition notebooks, Elitebook, notebook pcs, and the Z book series.

4. HP Thunderbolt G2

A docking station with many options can help you increase your productivity and simplify your day. Its low-profile design makes it suitable for modern offices.

It features a USB C port and a USB 3.0 combo audio Jack, lock slot, thunderbolt ports, display ports, USB 3.0 port, VGA ports, rj45 Jacks, and an AC adaptor connector. It is compatible with the Elitebook and HP ProBook series, as well as the operating systems.

5. HP Z VR backpack G1 docking station

This backpack G1 docking station is a great option if you’re looking to explore a completely new virtual reality world. The dock expands the work function so that it can charge the backpack and power the 2 4K displays. The dock includes five USB 3.0 ports as well as the rj45 port.

6. HP USB C mini dock

The docking station allows for a compact and portable port expansion that can be used for both functional and fashionable units. It’s great for providing ultimate mobility. It can also be used with the HP 66 Pro HP ProBook notebook series, hex-core notebook series, and Elite Dragonfly notebook.

7. HP USB C dock G5

The USB C docking station works with all notebooks made by HP, including the HP ProBook, EliteBook series, Notebook series, and Z book series. This device’s smooth connectivity and ability to work with external devices is the first thing you’ll notice.

Besides being lightweight, it boasts a portable design that can make it easy for you to carry this masterpiece for your work-related trips and journeys.

8. HP thunderbolt Dock 120W with HDMI adapter

This reliable docking station allows you to access all external devices and their features. It helps you stay connected at all times. Multitasking docks are compatible with laptops built for Thunderbolt or USB C Standards. It is compatible with the HP PC with the USB Type C port.

Bottomline for HP docking station compatibility

So, just in case you have questions related to the HP Docking station compatibility with the elite books, ProBook, Z book, and other setups, check out the docks mentioned above.

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