Does Nikon D3500 Have Autofocus


How to adjust autofocus settings for Nikon D3500

Your Nikon D3500 autofocusing feature is based upon two types of settings: AF Area mode or Focus mode. The focus mode will decide whether your d3500 will use manual or automatic focus, but the AF Area will determine which focus modes your camera will use. Learn more about Nikon d3500 manual focus. Now let’s take a look at how to autofocus your Nikon d3500 camera using different focus modes.

Nikon D3500 Autofocus Lens:

Tamron Autofocus 70 – 300mm for Nikon D3500

Nikon D3500 autofocus can be adjusted with different focus modes

Step 1.

What focus modes are there?

There are approximately 4 focus modes available in Nikon 3500 camera. To use the focus modes, access must be granted in P, S and A exposure modes. As with all exposure modes, you need to be aware of the exposure options. You can only access MF and A-A options. AFS, AFC and AFA are the four focus modes.

Step 2.

Setting up the Nikon D3500 focus mode via control strip

To activate your control strip, press the ‘i” button to set focus mode on your Nikon DSLR D3500 camera. Next, you can use Multi Selector to highlight Focus mode. To display all settings, you will need to hit OK. To lock your selection, you must press OK again after highlighting it. To exit the screen, you will need to press the “i” button once more.

Step 3.

Setting focus mode using shooting menu on Nikon D3500

The shooting menu allows you to set the focus mode. Select the focus mode, then select the viewfinder option. Next, select the multi-selector at the right of your screen to choose your focus mode.

Step 4.

For still and moving objects, you can choose autofocus mode for Nikon D3500. Focus Point.

The best results will be achieved if you choose the right combination of focus mode and area mode. If you are shooting still objects, you should choose angle point and AFS modes on your Nikon 3500 camera. You will need to choose a focal point for your camera so it can focus at that point when you press the shutter button halfway. AFC focus mode must be used when you are shooting moving objects. Dynamic Area is not recommended.

step 5.

Autofocusing using AFS and single-point setting

After you’ve set the settings for stationary object photography on your Nikon camera , it is time to view the focus point you have chosen. To do this, look through the viewfinder and press the shutter button halfway. The activated points will be lit up in red light. You can continue navigating until you reach the desired point. To lock the focus point, you will need to hold the shutter button halfway. The light will turn green as you do this.

Step 6.

Autofocusing using AFC and Dynamic Area Setting

To autofocus on moving objects, you must first select the settings mentioned above. Except for a few exceptions, you will need to go through the same steps as when autofocusing on still objects. The Nikon D3500 camera will adjust the initial distance to focus on your autofocus point. If your object moves away from this point, the camera will search for background information. As the focus is continually being adjusted, the green light may flicker or not stay steady.

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