DoodleMaker Enterprise (Webinar) Review


DoodleMaker Enterprise (Webinar) Review What Is It

DoodleMaker is a Software for making doodle videos that utilize intuitive artificial intelligence. Anyone can produce spectacular, practical, and professional doodle videos in more than 30+ languages within minutes using this app.

No matter your technical abilities, what age you are, or what design skills you have, you can make videos effortlessly. Let’s look at some of the distinctive features Doodle Maker has to offer before learning how to make doodle animation videos with the app.

 Creating Doodle and Whiteboard Animation Just Got Better

Recently, a new doodle maker app has been released, making it much simpler with a few simple clicks to create unique, studio-grade, doodle, or hand sketch animation images. ‘Doodle Builder’ is the program we are talking about.

We’re going to show you all the fun stuff you can do and create using this whiteboard animation app in this Doodle Maker review. As you might have already noticed, we have many whiteboard animation apps on this website and doodle software reviews.

That’s because we all love videos of doodles. And that’s why we went ahead and bought ourselves a copy of the Doodle Maker app, even after we had a range of doodle animation software in our armor already. We decided to make this Doodle Maker review as useful as possible for you as well.

Here is the receipt of our acquisition.

doodle maker purchase

Now let’s continue with our Doodle maker review and find out all the exciting stuff it has got for us.

DoodleMaker Enterprise (Webinar)Features Review

Here are some of the specific functions provided by the Doodle Creator app.

Video Styles

With this app, you can generate whiteboard, glass board & blackboard animation images. To make the kind of videos you want, you can also use custom color backgrounds and picture backgrounds.

Options for Customization

You have complete control over the way your final video looks with the Doodle Maker app. There are plenty of options for customization. They can change the color, text, animation style, animation time, video transitions, and much more
The app has a converter for the image to sketch, a built-in color changer, a freehand editor, a watermark choice, and many more awesome video customization tools.

Simplicity of Use

This app from Doodle is straightforward to use and is beginner-friendly. The user interface is spotless, and in the training section, everything has been clarified elaborately. The learning curve isn’t at all steep. In reality, we didn’t need to use the training videos portion to learn to use this app. With this doodle animation builder, everything is straightforward.

However, they have step-by-step video training for complete beginners to guide you through the entire process, right from making your videos to getting results. They have also clarified how you use the Doodle Creator app to make money selling doodle videos you create.

Doodle Maker Review and Bonuses

Engine for AI VideoTranslation

The ‘AI VideoTranslation Engine’ drives the Doodle Maker. You can now easily convert your videos into any language with one click with this industry-leading feature. With this feature, your videos will directly reach the global public using their native language.

Text to Photo Finder

The app also has an intuitive picture text finder used by the software to automatically fill your slides with images relevant to the text you join.

To Voice Text

There is an inbuilt Text-to-Speech engine in the Doodle Maker app that supports more than 60 foreign languages. Most significant languages and accents are supported by the tool.

You want to make a video of a doodle in Spanish, Italian, Hindi, or French. The Doodle Maker has you covered may use both male and female voices used to transform any text into a voice.

Library Doodle Builder

The library has millions of photos and icons of high-quality doodles. Via the ‘Icon Finder and Pixabay API,’ you also get access to thousands of royalty-free images and icons.

Templates In-Built

More than 300 whiteboard, blackboard, and glass board animation models from various niches and industries are included in the program. These templates are already loaded with voice overs for male and female humans. Even for you, we already finished the animations and transition effects. To your taste, customize the video, and you are ready to go.

Speech Overs Over

We have already discussed the versatility of text-to-speech. There’s also an option for that if you want to record your voice-overs or upload an already recorded voice-over video.

Rights of Use

Unlimited access rights come with the program. We can make total videos, and there is no restrictions. For the front end purchase, the maximum permitted length of the video is 15 minutes.

But since you can make several 15-minute videos and join them together, this should not be a concern. There is preparation within the member’s zone, which teaches you how to integrate two or more videos.

You can also get a commercial license for free during the launch time. You can sell the videos you produce with the Doodle Creator with this license and keep 100 percent of the profits for yourself.


>>>Doodle Maker Webinar Replay<<<

How to Create Video with The Doodle Maker Software?

Build a Step by Step Hand Sketch Animation Video

Let’s see how to build a Doodle Maker video now. Let’s log in first to begin the video production process. The dashboard looks that way.

doodle maker dashboard

To get started, let’s click on the ‘Build Project’ button. Using the Doodle Maker, there are three ways to make a video.

doodle maker project

We can use a ready-made template, modify it, start video production from scratch, or convert old videos into a different language using the AI video translation engine.

We can also pull our YouTube videos into the Doodle Maker interface using the AI video translation engine and then create a doodle video from that. Let’s construct a video for this instance from scratch.

We need to click on the ‘start from scratch’ button to get started. It will look like this on the next page.

DoodleMaker Enterprise

We need to have a name for our project. We called it the Test Project. The text for our first slide will be in the ‘slide 1’ segment. In this section, we can only copy and paste the text or type it here. Similarly, using the ‘Add A New Slide’ button on the right side, we can add more slides to the video.

There is also a setting segment on the right lower corner, as shown in the picture above. The segment on settings looks like this.

doodle maker settings

We can pick a background soundtrack for our video from the settings section. We can choose the number of royalty-free soundtracks integrated into the Doodle Maker app. For this video, you can also select a speech-language. The Text To Speech voice-over is created for your video based on this collection.

There is also an option to pick your preferred context form of video. You can choose from the backgrounds of whiteboards, blackboards, glass boards, custom colors, and custom pictures.

The ‘icon type’ and the ‘hand style’ are a few more items you can customize.

DoodleMaker Enterprise

You can choose how to display the icons in your video. We may select a black icon, mixed icons, or colored icons. Similarly, you have different choices for your side. Both male and female hands exist. You should choose the one that will appeal to you.

We need to complete all these customization options to step forward, add all the slides, and then click on the ‘Save’ button.

DoodleMaker Enterprise en 2020

On the next tab, as shown above, the Doodle Creator app automatically picks icons for us based on our text input. It is still, however, a safer option to manually add components.

Now, you can see the numbers 1 to 8 on the upper side. They’re nothing more than the number of slides for this video we have. We are editing the 1st slide right now, and that is why the number 1 is highlighted.

You have the choice of selecting the TTS voice you prefer on the right side. You also have the option of uploading your voice track or recording a voice-over on the software itself, as you can see.

We can also edit the text for the slide here. We also have the possibility of adding a watermark. We can add photos and icons from the library section to the slide.

Via distinct modes, we can add icons and pictures. Pixabay and other integrations are available to support you with image and icon quest, as shown in the image above.

We can upload icons and photos of our own as well. You have numerous characters, shapes, and color choices in the assets section. Honestly, with the Doodle Maker app, the possibilities are endless.

It is time to publish the video once we finish adding and editing elements. In HD and FullHD resolutions, We can export the video. To find out exactly how the Doodle Maker app operates, you can watch the official demo video below.


                                    >>>Get The Software from Here<<<

Doodle Maker Enterprise(Webinar) Software Bonuses and Upgrades Review



When you buy the Doodle Maker app during the launch, you will get many excellent bonuses. At a later point in time, specific bonuses may or may not be available.

21 Day Training in Video Mentorship

This includes preparation calls for 21 days of mentorship, where the coach explains step-by-step how you can get traffic, leads, and sales from your videos. If you want to get actual results from your DoodleMaker videos or any other video software you own, this is a MUST BE.

Access to Skype Mentorship Group

You can join the private Skype mentoring community to connect, learn, network, and succeed alongside hundreds of other similar online entrepreneurs who all share the same passion for creating and growing successful companies with this Doodle Maker bonus.

As a reward for joining this private community, you get access to weekly training, bonuses worth thousands, and free app giveaways.

VideoAgency Biz Bundle (Worth $997)

This all-inclusive package of video agency biz includes emails, customer contracts, business cards, invoices, and other resources that you can use to draw leads and make sales instantly. Using these instruments makes you look professional right from the start.

doodle maker bonuses
Logo Designer for Artificial Intelligence

You can now design professional, eye-catching logos easily with this logo maker app. You can either sell them for $300 to $500 to local companies or combine them in seconds with your DoodleMaker videos!

This logo creating program automatically identifies the right icons, images & fonts with Artificial Intelligence aid and then makes hundreds of variations of your stamps in minutes.

80,000 Library of the Content Engine

You can find material from the hottest niches with this bonus, without writing a single word yourself. There is a library of 80,000 papers from various niches as markets in the ‘Content Engine.’ To build content for your blogs, websites, email newsletters, or videos, you can use these posts.

Website DoodleMaker Agency

It is a professionally built agency website that you can use to sell your videos for top dollars. With professional copywriting aimed at turning your prospects into SALES, this site is ready!

 Doodle Video Framework Scripts

To make engaging videos that work in any industry, you can use this doodle video creation video script framework.

Royalty-Tracks of Free Music

This bonus is already loaded by default into the app.

Case Studies for Performance

This bonus gives you access to other users’ case studies using DoodleMaker to increase purchases, leads, and revenues.

App for Video Summarizer

You can take any long video using this app and summarize the main content in that video automatically. To create short instructional videos, you can then paste these quick notes & bullet points into the Doodle Maker app. These videos will get you a great deal of traffic, leads, and sales.


Several Doodle Maker upgrades are available for you, which are entirely optional if you want to take doodle video production to the next level.

Upgrade 1: Deluxe Upgrade for Doodle Maker

With this update, you get access to the following ones.

  • Fresh templates for one year per month.
  • For all new templates, ready-made human voice-overs.
  • Video Scripts Ready-made
  • 56 additional text-to-speech ultra-premium lifelike voice-overs with unrestricted use rights
  • Each month, new doodle characters
  • Premium royalty-free files of music
  • Image Making Priority
  • Priority access for future improvements to apps


Upgrade 2:Toon Video Maker Video Maker App

With this app, with a few clicks, you can make excellent, cartoon-style videos. With this software, you get 100+ animated characters, HD animated backgrounds, 200+ music tracks, and more.

UPGRADE 3: ClientEngine App

You can find top-paying customers to sell videos or any other service by using this app. You can search for the top 5 work sites from inside one platform utilizing this app. To find work and people searching for video production services, you don’t need to visit several places.


UPGRADE 4-Unlimited DoodleMaker Whitelabel

This update is the final one. You can market the Doodle Maker software as your own and keep 100% of the profits to yourself with this update. With this update, here’s what you get.

  • Rebranding to make the app your own with your logo and branding. (opportunity once in a lifetime)
  • Offer as many copies as you want with Unlimited Sub-accounts.
  • Set a price of your own.
  • Done-for-you VSL for the software to be marketed as your own.
  • Graphics and copywriting performed to turn prospects into sales, Done-for-you Sales Page.
  • The vendors themselves handle app hosting and software updates. And you have nothing to think about.
  • No monthly or annual charges


How much does it cost a Doodle Maker?

You can get the DoodleMaker enterprise license for a one-time fee of $47 right now during the launch. There will be a change in pricing after the launch is over.

Here’s the Doodle Maker Video We Made

The video we created using the Doodle Maker app is here. We’ve begun to enjoy using this tool. For the future, we have also scheduled several projects that involve using this doodle app.



Doodle Builder Review Verdict

The app for doodle makers is one of the most advanced hands sketch animation software we have seen to date. The way the developers of this program have implemented Artificial Intelligence is incredible.

Also, your money is worth the incentives offered along with the app. We got the Doodle Maker enterprise license, and the incentives worth a few hundred dollars for a $47 one-time charge. No better than this, it can’t get. It is an arrangement that you can’t afford to miss. Word.



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