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DoodleMaker Deluxe Review What Is It

Doodle Maker is the brand new video production app for doodle videos that allows you to harness the power of an Intuitive AI without any hassle for eye-catching and professional-looking doodle videos in 30 languages. Specifically, you can transform any video or any piece of content you want into 3 different formats with just a few mouse clicks, including Blackboard, Whiteboard, Glassboard Switcher, with DoodleMaker.

DoodleMaker OTO White Label, Deluxe, Icon Video Maker, Client Engine: There are two FE offers & 4 OTOs.First Doodle Maker OTO is White Label Agency Rights, Second is Deluxe Version, Third Doodle Maker OTO is Icon Video Maker Premium, Fourth is Client Engine Software. There are no DoodleMaker OTO down sells.

Doodle Maker is perfect for:

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DoodleMaker Deluxe Upsell/OTO Review

Before any OTO from below, it is mandatory to get a front end,
If you already have the front end, you can get 1 or more OTOs from below!

  • Upsell #1: Whitelabel by DoodleMakerYou can pick two options:
    • Unlimited Accounts Whitelabel ($497 One-Time)
    • Whitelabel Agency50 accounts ($97 One-Time)

With The White Label, You Can Do The Following:

    • Rebranding to make the app your own with your logo and branding. (opportunity once in a lifetime)Offer as many copies as you want with Unlimited Sub-accounts. Set a price of your own.
    • Done-for-you VSL for the software to be marketed as your own.
    • Graphics and copywriting performed to turn prospects into sales, Done-for-you Sales Page.
    • App hosting and software upgrades are managed- Sale without hassles.
    • No monthly or annual charges.
  • Upsell #2: Deluxe DoodleMaker ($49 One-Time)This retrofit included:
    • New templates Monthly for 1 Year (One-Time Price): Brand new customizable templates for whiteboards, glass boards, and blackboards added monthly for one year to your account (no monthly fees). Save money, no need to hire costly voice artists.
    • Ready-Made Human Voice Overs For All New Models (Male and Female)
    • Ready-Made Video Scripts Written For All New Models by a Copywriter (Modify As You Like) Created to turn your prospects into sales!
    • 56 Ultra Premium Life-Like Text-To-Speech Voices for Males and Females (Unlimited Usage).
    • 25 Ready-Made Video Scripts + Voiceovers for males and females.
    • Each Month New Doodle Characters (Monthly Fees Waived).
    • Premium Copyright Free Files of Music (for your doodle videos).
    • Video Rendering Priority- Google Cloud Server (Get your videos rendered faster than other customers without waiting in line)
    • Priority access to potential software changes: First before other members, Deluxe members get all future product updates, so they can remain on the cutting edge without working on saturation or competition.
  • Upsell #3: DoodleMaker App for Toon Video Maker ($39 One-Time)
  • Upsell #4: ($29 One-Time): ClientEngine AppYou can find top-paying customers to sell images, or any other service, with Client Engine apps. The app lets you search from within one platform on the top 5 work sites—no need to visit several places to find work and people searching for services for video production.

Free Commercial License Included [$97 Value]. Sell DoodleMaker Videos For Extra Income With No Limits.  THREE Easy Ways To Profit With Doodle Videos:

  • Charging corporations and advertisers per video or monthly retainer,
  • Earn for online viewers by helping coaches, consultants & educators turn old content into dynamic doodle videos,
  • To optimize sales per user, add doodle videos to your current service offerings.

Doodle Maker Review: Full Doodle Maker Demo With Bonuses

 DoodleMaker Deluxe Review By MrPerfect.Reviews

DoodleMaker Deluxe Features Review

DoodleMaker offers you the competitive advantage without any of the other instruments’ limitations: No subscription fees, no caps on the number of videos, no costs for video storage, no costs for hosting, no additional fees for rendering, no learning curve.

Replace Several Expensive Apps & Subscriptions: Simplify your life, business & balance sheet Yes, it does everything. Doodle videos from models with the power of artificial intelligence, from scratch or from any material. Translation of language on-the-fly, text-to-speech in more than 60 languages, voiceovers in 160+ male and female voices. Whiteboard, blackboard & glass board switcher, doodle sketch converter color picture. Integrated animations, transitions, and seamless customization. To come close to what it can do, it will take at least 8 separate apps working overtime.

Too Much Here Is For So Little What the Catch Is:
Your Doodle Maker license requires unrestricted video production for both you and your customers. This requires large, continuing costs for us. But the catch is that at this LOW one-time rate, we can only allow a small number of people. The one-time price can expire and be replaced by a monthly subscription without notice once this exclusive offer closes. IMPORTANT: It needs a robust hosting infrastructure and bandwidth to maintain premium service for all customers. Further investment in specialized developers is needed for ongoing software updates and feature upgrades. So in the immediate future, we expect the price to increase to a monthly subscription of at least $67 per month.

The reason we deliver it today at such a low one-time cost is to give everyone the opportunity to exploit doodle videos of the next generation for game-changing results. Only please understand that the price can’t stay this low for long and won’t. So take advantage, while you can, of this incredibly low introductory offer.

Attract, engage, and convert With Beautiful Doodle Videos, For catching attention and inspiring action, animated doodle videos are unbeatable. And they are multi-sensory, so that people at the same time listen, learn, and watch. For ANY project, now you can enjoy next-level video interaction. WITHOUT training, different instruments, or even being on tape.

DoodleMaker Powered by Artificial Intelligence Animated Doodle Video Creator: Cloud-based: works on any computer, do not install anything, updates automatically,

Unlimited Videos: without limitations, build & make unlimited videos,

Enterprise License Included: Sell clients with DoodleMaker videos and maintain all revenues.

Includes: any professionally-designed template:
Natural Sounding: voice-over in 60 languages & 160 voices, male and female,

Pre-Built: effects, transitions, and animations in the Doodle style.

Customization Point & Click: Change colors, backgrounds, photos, and more.UNLIMITED Effortless Video Production Possibilities Build Doodle Videos In Minutes from Models, From Scratch, or From Old Videos.

Develop Doodle Videos Unlimited-No Limits. For your custom backgrounds, Whiteboard, Blackboard, Glassboard, or videos:
Doodle Studio Blackboard, Doodle Studio Whiteboard, Doodle Studio Glassboard.

Artificial Intelligence Video Creator: Meet the planet’s fastest animated DoodleMaker. This A.I., this first-to-market To save you hours, technology simplifies the production of images. It does all the heavy lifting to produce videos of premium quality on any subject,

Multilingual Videos: Unsaturated markets and untapped sources of traffic are exploited. On-the-fly the app can translate any video into over 60 languages. To give life to your message, choose from 160+ human-sounding voices,

Multi-Purpose Camera Capabilities: Build Whiteboard, Glassboard, Blackboard, or videos from within ONE platform with your own custom background image or color,

Full Color Or Black & White: By making videos in vibrant full color or timeless black and white, you set the perfect theme for any post.

Recap From Everything You Get: Speech Text, Multi-Lingual 60+ Languages, 160+ Male & Female Voices, Record Your Own Voice, Icon Finder, and Pixabay API, Built-in Library Images, Color Image to Sketch Converter, Board Switcher, Add Your Own Watermark, Built-in Transitions, Element Speed Changer, Color Changer, 720p or 1080p HD Resolution Upload, YouTube and Vimeo Publisher, Build Unlimited Videos, Freehand Editor, 300+ Read Editor

Flexibility & Real Artistic Independence with Unprecedented Versatility:
Creating from over 300+ models, creating from scratch, using one-click translation and AI to convert old videos into doodle videos in any language, using built-in A.I. To render world-class videos more easily than ever before.

With Doodle Creator, the brand new videos can be created easily and re-purpose content that you have already: Convert Everything even, your existing content. Blog & Social Posts | Videos for YouTube | Presentations for Slideshow. Effortlessly entertaining animated doodle videos with next-generation A.I.

DoodleMaker makes it easy to create videos for any target with infinite possibilities: Branding, Social Media, Traffic Campaigns, Product Development, Agency Company, Coaching, Education, Lead Generation & Sales, eCommerce, Affiliate Marketing.

Pricing: DoodleMaker Deluxe gives you 2 choices: Commercial DoodleMaker ($47 One-Time)Enterprise DoodleMaker ($67 One-Time)We suggest that you buy the Enterprise edition since this option allows you to export full HD videos with a maximum video duration of 15 minutes. (The commercial version will export only HD videos with a maximum video length of 6 minutes)



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