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How to connect Canon 80d and Mac

Many people who own Canon 80Ds have had to deal with issues connecting Canon 80d to Mac. If you’re one of these people, we have some important tips for you.

You can now connect Canon 80D with Mac via either USB cable or Wi-Fi. The first is to purchase a quality USB cable that is compatible with Macs.

Before you can connect, you will need to restart the Mac and Camera.

Recommendations for connecting Canon 80D to Mac via USB

Step 1.

To be able to continue the connection, the camera must be fully charged. You may experience unexpected interruptions during the same process.

Once you confirm, turn off the camera and restart the Mac to end any current sessions.

Step 2.

Now, you will need to tap on the top left corner of the Canon 80D to access the main menu settings.

To avoid disconnection, turn the auto-power off function.

Step 3.

After you have completed the above steps, connect each end of the USB cable to one of the ports provided within the devices.

Connect the smaller end to your camera’s USB port. Then, follow the same procedure to connect the larger end of the USB cable to your Mac’s port.

Step 4..

To get started with the rest of this process, you will need to download and install Canon EOS Utility software. Visit Canon’s official site and enter your details such as the Camera model and region.

Now your devices can exchange files, images, and videos.

Recommendations to connect Canon 80D with Mac (via wifi)

Step 1.

After you have completed the Canon EOS Utility software installation and download, enable the wifi feature. Follow the below instructions to do this.

WIFI settings>Enable>Wifi Function>Remote Control (EOS Utility)>Register a device for connection

After you have completed the same process, you’ll see a message on your LCD screen indicating the SSID/Password information.

Step 2.

Now you will need to activate the WiFi function on Mac. You can start by going to the WIFI network option, and then choose ‘SSID WIFI information from above’.

Mac will ask for your password. You just need to enter it on the screen. After that, select “Join” and you’ll see the message “I am now on this network.”

Step 3.

On the screen of your Canon 80D, you will see a prompt that says ‘Start pairing devices’. After pressing OK, wait for a message that reads ‘EOSXXXXX pairing with the computer is in progress’.

The EOS utility software will ask you for your Camera details to begin the pairing process. Tap on ‘Canon 80D’ to continue.

After you have seen the same message on Mac’s screen the camera LCD will display the prompt- ‘XXXXXXXXXXX Found, Connect with the Computer. Select ‘OK.

The Canon 80D and Mac can now be connected. The connection can be initiated to transfer your files, images, videos, and other media between the devices.

Summarising it all

Follow these steps to connect Canon 80D with Mac. There will be no issues. To ensure an uninterrupted and smooth connection, make sure you purchase a quality USB cable that is compatible with Mac OS X.

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