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Connect an External Microphone to Canon EOS 3000D

An external microphone is required to capture clear sound with your DSLR camera. The reason is that DSLR’s internal microphones are less effective than external ones. This issue may occur to anyone who recently purchased the Canon EOS 3000D. We are here to provide a step-by-step tutorial on “How to connect an External Microphone to the Canon EOS 3000D”.

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External Microphone for Canon 3000D

Connecting an External Microphone to Canon 3000D

Step 1.

You can now slide the microphone on top of your camera by unscrewing the base. Once you have secured it, rotate it to tighten.

Step 2.

The cable that came with the external microphone should be plugged into the camera. There will be two spots on your left side. Plug the microphone’s other end into the spot marked ‘MIC’

Step 3.

The windshield comes with a microphone and can be used to cover it. It all depends on what you prefer. It does help to keep the sound quiet.

Step 4.

Before you can use an external microphone, make sure your camera is set to manual mode. If it is not, you can switch to Manual Mode by turning the dial located on top of your camera.

Step 5.

After setting your camera to manual mode turn it on and then switch to video mode.

Step 6.

Next, press the Menu button on your camera to go to Menu. After that, go to the settings. You will see a setting called ‘Sound Record’ on the first page. If it is disabled by default, make sure you set it up to ‘Auto’ or Manual so that the microphone can pick up the sound.
Now you’re done. You can connect your external microphone easily to your 3000D Canon EOS.

Tips For Better Sound Quality

These tips will help ensure that your microphone produces a clear sound. This is the final word. The best microphone will provide the best sound quality.
Keep your camera close to the source of the sound. These are the reasons. If the source of the sound is too far away, the music picked up by the microphone will not be clear.

It is best to not zoom in when using an external microphone. The microphones can pick up the sound from the lens zooming in or out.

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