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7 Top Food Photographers All Over the World

We all love taking photos of the food we eat in restaurants. There is a category of photography that specializes in food photos. Food photographers are those who take vibrant images of food items and recipes. Here’s a list of the top food photographers in the world.

Learn from professional food photographers to get the best shots of food dishes. This is a difficult business. You need to be familiar with the basics of photography to capture the images of the food items or dishes you prepare at home. Start the list!

The Best Food Photographers

1. Christina Greve

Christina Greve, a well-known professional photographer who specializes in food photography. Her official website also offers photography education. She is one of the most well-known food photographers worldwide, with thousands of followers on social media.

Christina Greve: The Best Food Photographers in the World

You can register for the five-day free food photography course on her official profile if you are interested in becoming a professional food photographer.

2. Healthy Laura

Healthy Laura is an expert in food photography. Her e-books, which can be downloaded from her website, offer education in photography. She is also active on Instagram, where she shares her food photography skills through photos and short videos. You can find her on Instagram.

The Best Food Photographers in the World – Healthy Laura

3. Broma Bakery

Who doesn’t love cake and other bakery products? Everybody eats different kinds of bakery items every day. Be it bread, pastries, cakes, muffins, etc. Broma Bakery offers recipe books to help you bake your own baking items.

Broma Bakery: The Best Food Photographers Around the World

She also posts eye-catching photos of her recipes on Instagram. She is a blogger, food photographer, and teacher.

4. Andrew Scrivani

Andrew Scrivani, another well-known photographer, has provided his services to numerous organizations. He is currently a contributing photographer to NYTimes, where he shares his expertise in photography. He is a passionate foodie and a professional photographer.

Andrew Scrivani: The Best Food Photographers Around the World

He is an active contributor to several popular media agencies and also shares photos of his work regularly to inspire people. He snaps live photos of all things, especially the monstrous Lobsters. Follow him on Instagram now!

5. Carl Warner

Carl Warner is a professional photographer. He has an artistic side, where he creates unique scenes to capture the best shots. His extraordinary photographic skills made him famous. Carl attended an Art school to learn illustration. However, he went on to become a food photographer after acquiring some additional skills. All those who are just starting their photography careers will find her inspiring.

Carl Warner: The Best Food Photographers Around the World

He is a creative person and loves to create his own plots to capture unique images of various food items, such as pizza. Before capturing the perfect shots, he spends hours setting up the plot. He feels honored to share his photographic skills with the public. Follow him on Instagram!

6. Linda Lomelino

Linda Lomelino introduces herself to us as Call Me Cupcake. Yes, she has a website under the same name. Here she blogs about her experiences and makes different kinds of recipes. She enjoys cooking different kinds of food and loves taking perfect photos.

Linda Lomelino: The Best Food Photographers in the World

She is the author of many cookbooks that include recipes for your favorite foods. You can browse the website in the different categories that you choose. Visit her Instagram profile to see her work in photography.

7. CreateCookShare

Follow the CreateCookShare profile to satisfy your food cravings. This profile is for people who care about their health. The real wealth is health, so we should all pay more attention to how we eat and what we can do to improve it. Consuming healthy foods is the answer.

Create Cook share – Best Food Photographers All Over the World

CreateCookShare provides a free book of healthy recipes. Visit the official website for a copy of the free book. Food lovers can use the recipes to create delicious, healthy meals every day. You can see her Instagram work through her lens.


These people will inspire you, no matter if you’re a professional photographer or just an avid foodie. You can either follow their social media profiles or get inspired by their work through their websites.

They also post blogs about new recipes and healthcare tips. We hope you find the above list helpful in reviving your interest and passion for food photography. We would love to include your favorite food photographer in this list. We hope to see you soon!

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