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How do I turn on WiFi without a button on my HP laptop (WiFi key not working)

How do I turn on the wifi on my HP laptop without a button? You can use a wireless keyboard (the short answer) to turn on the wifi on your HP laptop. Hey! You can get it on Amazon).

WiFi is an integral part of our everyday lives. Without it, we can’t imagine doing our work smoothly or efficiently. If you have problems with turning on your WiFi, HP laptop wifiThen, use the wifi key to continue reading.

1. Verify that the key or wireless button is not functioning

How to turn on WiFi on HP laptop without a button – settings

Most laptops have Wireless Fidelity buttons. This key or button can be used to switch on or off your wifi.

To verify whether your wifi is on, you will need to check the status of the wifi. Wait for about 10 seconds before you press the button. You will see if the icon for your Wireless connection changed. Your HP laptop also has a wireless LED indicator.

If you are unable to see any light then check the status of your WiFi connection by hovering the mouse over the wifi icon that is present on the taskbar menu. If the signal is on, you should attempt to reconnect to the internet. If the internet connection has been lost, you can turn it back on and reconnect.

2. 2.Update the drivers for Wireless NetworkHow to activate WiFi on HP laptops without pressing a button – driver upgrade

Follow these steps to update your Windows.

  • You can search the settings box for Windows Update settings.
  • Windows update settings on the HP laptop do not connect to the Wifi in Windows 10.
  • Choose the option to check for updates
  • It is possible to check for updates that the HP laptop can’t connect to the WiFi.
  • After the new updates are installed, you can connect to the internet settings.

This can be done using the HP Support Assistant. These are the steps:

  • Search for HP Support Assistant in the search box of Windows. If it is not already installed, install it.
  • Select your device using my Devices tab
  • Click on To check for updates or messages, click on
  • Try different methods to update if there is no new update.

3. Use automatic troubleshooting

How to turn on WiFi on HP laptop without a button – network diagnostics

HP support assistant is available to help with HP wifi problems. This software assistant is designed to support the diagnosis and troubleshooting of network and internet connection problems specific to HP computers. You can also use the Windows 10 automated troubleshooter if you don’t have this software. Follow the steps below.

  • To enable the wireless adapter, you can press the wireless button on your computer or the key on your keyboard. If the light blue color light changes, then the feature has been enabled. You can connect to the internet again
  • If your computer doesn’t have a wireless button or key, or if the light is not on, you can approach HP support.
  • Click here to choose the device from the My Devices tab.
  • Next, move to the Troubleshooting and Fixes option
  • Click HP Network Check
  • If the user account control message tab appears, please press Yes.
  • The screen that displays HP Network Check welcomes you to click Next to begin the diagnostics of your network. The next step will be taken if there is an issue.
  • If necessary, possible root causes can be investigated
  • To resolve the issue, you must first check the causes.
  • Click on Re-check to proceed.
  • Continue this process until the network connectivity has been restored or repaired.

4. Reset the hardware.

How to activate WiFi on HP laptops without a button – Check and reset the hardware

Sometimes, your laptop’s hardware system may be malfunctioning. These issues can cause HP laptops to not connect with Wifi. These steps can be taken to fix the problem.

  • Your laptop must be turned off
  • You have to Disconnect the power cord from the main router of the power of the network you are using is the user of a wireless router/gateway/modern or the combination of all these
  • If your laptop’s broadband system has been using a separate broadband connection, you must disconnect the power cord.
  • Wait for five seconds, and then the power cord can be reconnected to the router or broadband modem.
  • Wait until all lights are switched on and the normal internet is restored. First, the laptop activity should return to normal. You must check the power supply. If the lights are not switched on, or an outlet with a different voltage than the other, it must be checked. If the network is not connected and the light is on the cable that carries the internet connection needs to be checked. If the Led blinks, but you are unable to connect to the internet, it could indicate that your ISP is having trouble. You have no choice but to wait.
  • To check if your connectivity has been restored, turn on your laptop. If your hardware is not working properly, this is the last thing that you should do.

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