December 22, 2020

FunnelStak Review


FunnelStak Review What It Is

FunnelStak is a step-by-step funnel blueprint that Mark Thompson, an 8-figure marketer and CEO of Digital Kickstart, has used on hundreds of releases, regularly delivering paydays of 6 and 7 figures. For all forms of deals, including SaaS, Mid-High Ticket, Product Launch/Low Ticket Offers, Physical Products, Coaching/Consulting, FunnelStak operates.

It’s an established system in any niche to create high-converting sales funnels, which will create a huge audience of raving fans and buyers, giving you a virtual license to print on-demand currency. You have the RARE opportunity to craft sales with FunnelStak that turns anyone from outsider, to follower, to loyal customer, to raving fan… It’s an incredible ability to create a sales funnel, KNOWING that it’s going to be transformed before anyone has seen it.

FunnelStak is a result of literally spending $25,000+ on the industry’s top funnel experts to help master the art of:

  • Profitable Revenue Funnels for Construction
  • Customer Service Minimizing
  • Refunds, conflicts and chargebacks elimination
  • As a result, adding another “0” to our bottom line takes us from a business of 7 to 8-FIGURE.

You can quickly clone the best of this formula for ANY niche!


Mark Thompson, Digital Kickstart’s 8-figure marketer and CEO, is basically given his blueprint for how to churn out efficient revenue funnels at will!

There is a series of sales “triggers” that remain constant, regardless of what niche, market or product/service you are selling. Dominate these stimuli. Mastering how to produce online sales. For any online company, this is the Cornerstone. Not only does Mark teach you how to produce leads/sales, but how to keep them satisfied, how to minimize returns, and how each customer’s lifetime value can be maximized. This achieved by means of automated funnels of sales!

His software ‘FunnelStak Review’ tells you…

  • The way he creates his sales funnels…
  • How he minimizes refunds and grievances from customers…
  • The way he automates it…
  • This is how he added another “0” to his line at the start.

Best of all, for every niche or sector, this method can be copied and repeated. Low, Mid,  High Offering Tickets
Digital, Coaching/Consulting, Physical Products/Services

Right now, his FunnelStak service for a limited period of time is at an 80% discount.


FunnelStak Review Overview

Over the past few years, Mark has charged literally $25k+ to the best funnel experts to be able to learn these skills. Take the fastlane for under $30 and catch his FunnelStak Review software. If you have struggled to create efficient sales funnels… If you have struggled to leverage the missed value of any client you bring in… If you want to learn from someone who has done it from a decade of “in the trenches” experience… then you need to try FunnelStak out now.

FunnelStak Demo Video


 FunnelStak Review – Features 

  • Funnel Triggers: In essence, all human beings have the same mental triggers which drive actions. Knowing WHEN to use them is the trick. With FunnelStak, learn about these stimuli and how to adapt them to real sequences you can use in your marketing.
  • Seeking qualified contractors: It’s a painful task to find qualified, trustworthy contractors. When trying to scale up the production teams, learn where to find contractors, what to inquire, and what to look for.
  • Trigger Map: Access an actual trigger map (a set of trigger sequences) used in almost all of our promotional items.
  • Pre-Built Funnel Templates: FunnelStak helps you to gain access to REAL funnel templates that have been produced for different product types. Tweak them to suit your company and begin to put them to work for you.
  • Implementation of the Funnel: It is important to simplify the Sales Funnel. FunnelStak will take you step-by-step on how to use one of the most effective automation tools on the market today to automate your funnels and follow-up sequences.
  • Launch Case Study Roundup: FunnelStak opens the doors to 9 of our most popular product launches in this module and shows you precisely how and why their funnels were designed to optimize our sales.
  • Retention Hacks: Discover the secret to turning future refunds into satisfied customers and save up to 70% of the money that would have gone out the door otherwise!
    Using the ACTUAL email swipe files they use with their own marketing: Fill in the Blank Swipe Files. These ‘fill-in-the-blank’ templates are built for you to simply add your product details, while using the copy tested by the market for which they have had considerable success.



MODULE #1: Rock-Solid Foundation.

This module will assist you to get into the right mindset about how you should think about developing a successful sales funnel. Master this mentality and this is what doubles or triples each client’s earnings! It is possible to extend this mentality to any product or service. Various business models/product deals were defined by FunnelStak and broken down, providing examples of the triggers to use and when to use them. Mid-High Ticket Offerings ($497+) SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Product Launch Model Physical Goods Coaching/Consulting

MODULE #2: Funnel Triggers.

One thing they found was that the same “triggers” were used to craft each funnel after creating hundreds of profitable sales funnels. The “triggers” have always stayed the same. It doesn’t matter whether you’re onboarding a new client, maintaining/retaining clients, triggering new customer leads, it doesn’t matter… Inside FunnelStak Review, each “trigger” is broken down and addressed… the idea behind each trigger. The most important times to use each one are when. How each cause is used for a sales funnel as it relates. Examples of any single trigger.

These triggers basically cover every kind of business, so it’s just a matter of building up your custom funnel using a mix of these triggers.

FunnelStak Review also step one step back and look at triggers in terms of actual sequences that you would use in your marketing.

  • Sequences from Free Trial
  • Sequences Webinar
  • Sequences for Pre-Launch
  • Sequences of Start
  • Sequences for Commitment

Of which you can piece these sequences into an overall, fully automated sales funnel.

MODULE #3: Implementation & Automation.

I imagine you’ve heard of some of those causes, but what I bet most of you don’t really know is how to execute them. That’s exactly what this chapter was supposed to teach you. FunnelStak Review shows you step-by-step how these funnels can actually be applied in your business.

They will teach you how to set up each of your funnels using a service called ActiveCampaign so that they are 100 percent funnel-automated. Don’t worry, FunnelStak will provide you with a checklist of features you want to ensure that your service offers to optimize your sales funnels, if you have another service in mind.

You can need some technical support, depending on your business. Which is why we teach you how to find competent developers to help you achieve your overall objectives with any technical implementation that is required.

MODULE #4: Retention Hacks.

To develop your company, most people think you need to acquire more clients. That simply isn’t real. It can lead to a higher lifetime value per customer and repeat purchases by keeping the customers you already have, satisfied and engaged. Learn the secrets and detailed method of saving up to 70 percent of future customers with refunds.

FunnelStak Reviews & Bonus Package

FunnelStak bonus


Special Bonuses for the Audience:You’ll get all the bonuses on the sales tab, but I’m also going to give you guys a SPECIAL bonus. If you download FunnelStak via any connection on this page, you will also get the benefit of my $2100 bonus bundle. Believe me, you can save time, money and make your life a little easier with my incentive bundle!

                      Check Out The Huge Bonuses You’ll Get FREE

                                          Total Value : $2100+


Bonus #1: Quick Guide To WordPress SEO


Bonus #2: WP Easy Optin Pro Plugin

Optin pro

The easiest way to add email blocks to any blog page in your wordpress theme.
An effective way to increase your mailing list through blog posts.




Graphics Blackbox

Catch your answer for graphic design and shortcut.
For your website, 367 brand new and original graphics.
For 20 modules in all,

Bonus #5: Ultimate Sales Page


Bonus #6: Ultimate Minisite Templates

Minisite Template

Bonus #7: Wp EZ Share It Plugin



The new strong, off-the-grid WP plugin allows users to share your blog photos and videos and connect them back to you… creating a traffic tsunami for your blog!

Bonus #8: SEO Stone Plugin


Bonus #9: Social Signals for SEO

social signals for seo


Wordpress plugin

Bonus #11: 50+ Niche Pack



Business Box

The ebook was written with over 12 years of experience by a professional ghostwriter, and focuses on creating dynamic, efficient backlink campaigns that will forever flood your website with FREE targeted traffic! Over 40 content pages included!


Social Bookmarketing


Wordpress Tricks


Profit crushing

Based on 7+ years of WordPress experience. Stop the lethal, stupid, profit-crushing mistakes of WordPress.


Wordpress Armor

Protect your wordpress sites quickly and easily with these awesome security secrets that will stop hackers dead in their tracks.

Bonus #17: The Traffic Generation Personality Type

Traffic Generation Personality type

Bonus #18: Finally Drive Huge Traffic from Facebook and Profit!

FB powerhouse

Finally Drive Huge Traffic from Facebook and Profit!

Bonus #19: Instagram Traffic


For the first time ever… you’re going to learn how to use Instagram to build a viral sensation for your goods that are people that go crazy for… See Instagram followers differ from Facebook fans, because they’re going to see every single post you write, bring in traffic, and when you master a few golden secrets you’re going to be MILES AHEAD of the competition

Bonus #20: Pinterest Perfection

Pinterest Perfection

Bonus #21: Youtube Video Mastery

Video Mastery

Learn how to use YouTube specifically for your YouTube videos to earn passive income, monetize your videos and, most importantly, create compelling video material.

Bonus #22: Tube Ads Genie

Tube ADS Genie

Literally Force Visitors Who Watch Videos On Your Site To Click on YOUR ADS Bringing You Commissions & Sales On Complete AUTOPILOT

Bonus #23: Video Marketing Hack

Video Marketing Hack

Bonus #24: Instant Traffic Mastery

Instant Traffic Mastery


Passive Email Riches

Learn how you can achieve 50% open rates & 30% click rates from all your emails.

Bonus #26: 20 Background Images

Background Image

With these 20 professionally background images. If you are looking for the best graphics to spruce up your website, these are the ones you need!

Bonus #27: 30 Stunning Graphical Images For Website


Content featuring convincing images receives 4 percent more overall views on average than content without images. The stronger and clearer the videos, the greater the customer base!

Bonus #28: Flash Pages Plugin

Flash pages

Create extremely fast marketing pages in literally seconds that look professional and are proven to convert

Bonus #29: Sales Page Wizard


A step-by-step wizard that will create your entire funnel and sales pages with NO creation or design skills needed..

Bonus #30: FB Webinars

FB Webinars

Generate more Facebook traffic with this very cool app to generate Facebook webinars that drive more traffic and sales for your offerings.

Bonus #31: Scarcity Demon


This is a WordPress plugin that will build real one-time instant deal pages with built-in unique counters.

In order to get those countdown timers up and running on all your deals, Scarcity Demon will literally put YOU in charge of time and you don’t even need technological expertise. Your consumers will be battling against the clock to hit those purchase buttons again and again with Scarcity Demon built on your deals!

Bonus #32: Local Lead Booster


The perfect plugin to help generate massive amounts of new opportunities and leads for your local business.

Bonus #33: Wp Local Business Plugin


A framework that generates social-powered business landing pages in seconds is simple to use! Everything you need to set up a Killer Professional Business Landing Page that can be produced by anyone! This system is intended for anyone who wants to set up and operate a complete business landing page site in minutes without installing a huge bulky site.

Bonus #34: Uber Optin plugin


Bonus #35: Membership Income Course


Bonus #36: WP Members Pro


Bonus #37: Interview with membership expert Dennis Becker


Bonus #38: WP Store Press

Store press

WP Store Press is a WordPress theme that will allow you to build your own Facebook shopping mall easily. This WordPress theme has been developed to allow Facebook, smartphone, and pc-based e-commerce stores to run and run in as little as five minutes for e-commerce marketers. This is ideal for anybody who wants to tap into Facebook’s potential to market their goods.

Bonus #39: Sales Funnel Explosion


By building a sales funnel that can double or triple your conversions and revenue, learn how to optimize each visitor and customer!

Bonus #40: WP Cloud-Based Support & Knowledgebase


See how every WordPress platform can be turned into a technical help & knowledge base for your clients and prospects.

Bonus #41: WP Viral Page Plugin

Viral page

Make highly shareable pages for social media sites using special effects and music with this wordpress plugin. Fun and easy to use!

Bonus #42: Headline Creation Course


Bonus #43: WP Email Countdown

WP Email Countdown

A strong and crazy WordPress plugin that allows you to inject scarcity with successful countdown timers in your emails that will make people do your bidding and produce results for you!

Bonus #44: WP Magic Page


Build timed-video pages with just a few clicks that function directly inside WordPress.

Bonus #45: Hilite and Share


Hilite and Share: Invite readers to share and carry more traffic back to your site with your best content! Gives a new simple way to share your best content to your readers.

Bonus #46: Social boost plugin


Your turn

“It’s a terrific deal. Today, should I invest? ”

Not only do you get access to FunnelStak at the best price ever offered (30 percent off now!), but you also invest absolutely without risk. A 30-day Money Back Guarantee Scheme for FunnelStak. Your happiness is assured when you choose FunnelStak. If within the first 30 days you are not fully happy with it for whatever reason, you are entitled to a full refund-no question asked. You’ve got to risk nothing! What’s waiting for you? Try FunnelStak today and get your next incentive right now!



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