Gettington Credit Card Reviews


Gettington Credit Card Fees

There are a few fees associated with the Gettington credit card, but they are all fairly standard. There is a $25 annual fee, a 3% foreign transaction fee, and a $38 late payment fee. The late payment fee is not waived if you have a good payment history with Gettington. Overall, the fees are not too bad, but just be aware of them before you apply for the card.

Alternatives to the Gettington Credit Card

There are a few alternatives to the Gettington Credit Card. One option is the Citi Double Cash Card, which offers 2% cash back on all purchases – 1% when you buy and 1% when you pay your bill. Another option is the Chase Freedom Unlimited Card, which offers 1.5% cash back on all purchases with no annual fee. Lastly, the Discover it Cash Back Card offers 5% cash back in categories that rotate each quarter (up to $1,500 in spend) and 1% cash back on all other purchases.


The Gettington Credit Card offers a great way for users to build and maintain their credit score, as well as access exclusive discounts, rewards and financing options. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use card with competitive terms and a wide variety of benefits, the Gettington Credit Card may be the right choice for you. With all the features and perks offered by this card, it’s no wonder that many people are giving positive reviews about this product. However, make sure to read all of the fine print before signing up so that you know exactly what you’re getting into.