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Best Macro Lens For Nikon – Overview

The best Nikon macro lens can help you capture stunning images even from a distance. If you’re new to photography, there are a few things you should consider before you choose the best macro lens.

Before you make the purchase decision, consider factors such as focal length, lens size, and weight. We have compiled a list of top Nikon macro lenses to help you make your decision.

Check out this list of the Best Macro Lenses for Nikon

Model Lens size Weight Dimensions Check the Price
Olympus Digital ED 60mm 6.8 oz 3.23 x 2.2.2 x 2.2.2 in Check Price
Nikon AF-40mm 40mm 8.3 ounces 2.56 x 2.72×2.72 in Check Price
Nikon AF-S105mm 105mm 1.74 pounds 4.57 x 3.27x 3.27 in Check Price
Nikon AF-60mm 60mm 15 ounces 3.5 x 2.87×2.87 in Check Price
Nikon AF-S 35mm 35mm 7.1 ounces 2.09 x 2.76×2.76 in Check Price
Contemporary Sigma 300mm lens 300mm 1.29 pounds 4.02 x 3.11x 3.11 in Check Price

1. Olympus Digital ED

best macro lens for Nikon – Olympus Digital ED

Weatherproof macro lenses can withstand harsh conditions. They also work with a minimum 7.4-inch working distance. The focal length of the 60mm lens makes it a perfect 1 x 35-millimeter equivalent magnification lens.

A separate lens element will allow you to reproduce the details perfectly. The working distance will also provide you with the exact subject distance confirmation.

2. Nikon AF-S 40mm

Best macro lens for Nikon – Nikon AF-S40mm

This compact, lightweight lens is compatible with the Dx format. The maximum protection area is one X when the focal length is 40 mm. The exact images will be available even at infinity. The autofocus system works even with close-range collections.

You will also get the support of the silent motor. The angle of view is approximately 38 degrees 50 feet. The minimum focal distance is 0.53 feet, which is indicated by the distance indicator at 0.53 feet from infinity.

3. Nikon AF-S 105mm

Best macro lens for Nikon – Nikon AF-S 105mm

This lens is ideal for macro and close-up photography. The lens is versatile enough to give you the perfect shot in any situation. It can be viewed from a maximum angle of 23 degrees 20 inches.

This lens works well with vibration reduction technology and has a focal length of 105mm. This lens has a minimum focal distance of 1.03 feet. The lens can be used with the nanocrystal court and glass elements to enhance the image.

You will also see a reduction in flare and chromatic aberrations. The lightweight lens has perfect dimensions and comes with a five-year guarantee.

4. Nikon AF-S 60mm

Best macro lens for Nikon – Nikon AF-60mm

The Nikon FX and DX DSLR cameras can be used in excellent collaboration thanks to this lens. It works well with D40, D60, and D80 cameras, as well as D90 and D300. It is a great camera lens because of its 19mm focal length and the useful APS-C sensor.

It is great for both close-ups and microphotography. The minimum focus distance is 8 inches. This lens is ideal for providing excellent autofocusing and eliminating barrel length changes.

5. Nikon AF-S 35mm

Best macro lens for Nikon – Nikon AF-S35mm

The F mount lens features a high-quality picture angle and a DX format of 44°. The manual focus can also be used with an aerial focusing lens of 52.5 millimeters. The aperture range is F /1.8 to F / 22.

This lens is also unique in that it uses a silent wave motor to allow for the selection of filter types to be used. The lens construction is made up of eight elements, which are broken into six groups. For maximum protection, you will also receive compatible formats and the crop mode.

The lens can also be used in low contrast wide-open mode, which allows for fast and accurate focus. This is useful for small and lightweight items. You will also be able to focus even in low light conditions.

6. Sigma 300mm modern lens

This lens is perfect for optical stabilization thanks to its compact size and the flexibility of the Sigma USB Dock.

It works with the 72mm size filter and includes state-of-the-art Sigma technology. The enhanced optical stabilizer helps to compensate for camera shake.

It can be controlled however you like by allowing the firmware to update and adjusting the parameters.

Best macro lens for Nikon – Sigma 300mm contemporary Lens

Bottom line: A best macro lens for Nikon

These lenses can produce crisp and clear images. They are ideal for images taken from infinity to the nearest focusing distances.

Pick the one that suits your needs. Keep checking this space to get more information about your favorite gadgets and devices.

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