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How to reset your Google WIFI Router

You may need to reset your Google WIFI router if you use it. You may need to reset the WIFI password if you are unable to log in to the router. Or you might just wish to return the router. This guide will show you how to safely reset your Google WIFI router, as suggested by the manufacturer.

How to reset Google WIFI Router – Getting Started

Make sure the router is powered and online

How to reset Google WIFI Router – Online and Powered

If the router isn’t plugged in and on, it can’t be reset. Before you try to reset the router, make sure it is fully charged and plugged in to a power outlet. The light strip in the middle of the router will indicate its status.

  • A router that does not have a light indicates that it is not connected to a power source. The Google Home app could have dimmed or disabled the light indicator.
  • The router is turning on intermittently when it emits a white light. It will take a while for it to fully reboot before you try to reset it.
  • A stable white light indicates that the device is working correctly.
  • When the device is reset, it will flash a yellow light.
  • The router is experiencing a critical error.

The Nest app can be used to check if your router is connected. You can check if your router appears on the active devices list by opening the Nest app. You can also check if the WIFI network has been set up if you have already done so.

(2) Methods to reset the Router

You can reset your Google router in two simple ways. The reset button on your router can be used to reset it or you can use the Google Home app. This is the simplest method and is useful if the router cannot be accessed via the network.

Both of these methods will erase the router and your settings. The app will wipe all of your data and remove the router from the device list. If you choose to use the hardware reset option, the router may need to be manually removed from the device list. Google will also remove usage data from routers after six months.

Method 1: Use the Hardware Reset button

How to Reset Google WIFI Router – Hardware Reset Button

To reset your router, you will need to press a physical button. You will find the reset button at the bottom of your Google WIFI router. It is often the only button.

Once you have made sure the router is on standby and powered, locate and press the reset button for approximately ten seconds.

The router’s indicator will turn yellow by pressing and holding down the physical reset button. This means that the router has detected you are trying to reset factory settings.

Before you press the reset button, wait until the yellow light stops flashing. The router will not reset if you hold it for longer than ten seconds. Inadvertently exceeding the ten second limit will result in the router not resetting.

Wait for the router’s reset to take place. The reset process should take around ten minutes. To indicate that the device has returned to its factory setting, the light indicator will flash white.

Method 2: Use the Home App to reset the router

This is a recommended method because it wipes out the router and also removes it form the device list. It also erases any data stored in Google cloud storage. You can only use the app if your router is working properly and connected to it via the network.


It is easy to reset your Google WIFI router using the Home app.

  1. Open the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Tap on the WIFI router from the list and locate it. Click on “Settings”.
  3. Locate the “Factory reset WIFI Point” option and tap on it. Then, choose “factory reset”. You will be asked if you are certain. To initiate the reset process, tap yes. The router indicator will remain solid yellow until the process is completed.

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