How Much Do Lemon Law Attorneys Make?


discovering that you purchased a lemon can be disillusioning. After all, your car should function reliably as expected and provide reliable transportation services.

Many buyers worry about legal fees when hiring a lemon law attorney, fearing their payments may be subtracted from any refund or compensation amount they may be awarded. Luckily, lemon laws guarantee your legal representation will receive payment separately from and in addition to any settlement sum awarded.

1. Attorney Fees

Many car buyers avoid hiring a lemon law attorney due to concerns that legal fees will be too costly. Reputable lemon law lawyers do not charge upfront and instead only collect a percentage of any compensation they obtain from the manufacturer as fees.

Additionally, under law your vehicle manufacturer is obliged to cover attorney’s fees should your case succeed; so no need to worry about legal expenses when filing a lemon law claim.

An experienced Lemon Law attorney can offer a complimentary case review to assess whether or not your claim has an excellent chance of succeeding, and how much money would likely be awarded should your claim succeed.

2. Case Fees

Most lemon law attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning they only get paid if your case is successful. As such, they typically advance any costs related to pursuing it such as filing fees and expert witness costs and include these in your settlement demand.

Consumers who are wary of legal costs often avoid speaking to lemon law attorneys due to legal expenses associated with filing their claim, however it’s important to remember that every state requires manufacturers pay legal fees as part of any award made in lemon law cases, so no funds from refunds or compensation go toward covering legal fees; providing automakers an added financial incentive to settle claims as quickly as possible.

3. Client Fees

Many consumers are reluctant to seek justice when they purchase a lemon because they anticipate paying a high upfront or percentage fee to their attorney. The best lemon lawyers never charge out-of-pocket costs or retainer fees to take on your case and only get paid when successful in getting refund, buyback or resolution from manufacturers.

Most states mandate that manufacturers attempt to settle lemon law claims amicably through arbitration before filing suit. Manufacturers frequently employ tactics to convince consumers that arbitration is cheap, quick, and painless when in reality it allows them to rip off consumers more effectively than through court action.

A competent lemon law attorney will provide official records of all repair attempts on your vehicle so you can prove its lemon status, before negotiating on your behalf to receive maximum possible compensation.

4. Retainer Fees

Most lemon law attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning no upfront payments are necessary from you. Your attorney should explain their fees and costs clearly so you know exactly how they are calculated.

If your vehicle qualifies as a lemon, California state law mandates that the manufacturer pay all your legal costs related to your case. This includes attorney’s fees calculated on an hourly basis, court filing fees and any out of pocket expenses such as expert fees. Be wary of attorneys who charge extra fees–known as double dipping–on top of manufacturer-paid attorney fees and costs; for this reason it is wiser to work with an experienced California lemon law firm like The Journey Law Group instead of representing yourself alone.

5. Other Fees

Purchase of a vehicle can be an exciting milestone in most consumers’ lives; however, when things go wrong – particularly if the warranty still holds – it can become stressful and costly for the owner.

Manufacturers and warrantors may try to convince you that arbitration is an inexpensive, speedy and painless way to resolve your lemon law claim. Don’t fall for their bait! Don’t be duped!

Manufacturers are legally obliged to cover your reasonable attorney fees if you win your case, so no financial risk exists when hiring a lemon law attorney. Your lemon law lawyer will itemize these fees and submit them along with your repurchase or replacement award payment to them for payment.