How to Add Copyright?


How to add a copyright on photos using the Nikon D5600

The Nikon D5600, the successor to Nikon D5500, is now available with some changes, including a Bluetooth connection. The Nikon D5600 is a single-lens digital camera that can be interchangeably mounted with the Nikon F-mount lens. After its launch, the Nikon D5600 received an enthusiastic response. The D5600 has a full HD screen and an integrated time-lapse feature. The touch screen is also an impressive feature. It was voted the Best DSLR by critics.

We all know the concept of Copyright and that it protects the rights of the content creator as the only preacher of the work. Copyright is an important element in the distribution of arts and products. To stop photographers from free usage of images, the Copyright can also be imprinted directly on the images. You can prevent unauthorized use of clicked photos by putting the Copyright option on your camera’s images. You can also add the Copyright option to your Nikon D5600 image. You can do this by using the following link:

Step 1

You can use the copyright option on the D5600 to label your files with your name or other copyright data. First, open the setup menu to add the copyright option. The setup menu has all of the options you need for your camera. The menu button can be found in the upper left corner of the screen, towards the back of your camera. The menu option is marked on the button. To open the menu option for your camera, click that button.

Step 2

You will need to scroll down after you open the menu option. You will see the option ‘Copyright Information” on the menu. Since you haven’t set the Copyright option, the option will be marked as OFF. If you have Copyright already on the image, then the button will be marked as Yes. Next, click Yes if you see the option as No. This will alter the copyright of your image and open a new browser.

Step 3

A second window will open after you click the copyright option. This window displays the copyright details for your images. This window has two distinct spaces: one is Artist and the other is Copyright. This window allows you to add your name and/or your company’s name, under which the image should be copyrighted. Click on the Artist option to add your name or company. A keyboard will appear. Click on the keyboard and enter your name or company. The space below the option Artist will now contain the copyright owner’s tag. Click on the name again of the Artist to complete the process. To open the window, click the Copyright option.

Step 4

After filling in all details, click OK. Recheck the form to ensure that it is correct. Click on the back button to return to the setup menu. To exit the setup menu, click again on the back option. This will ensure that your image has the Copyright of your company tag. When you export the image, it will also be copyrighted to stop unauthorized use.


Copyright is essential to protect your creations and clicked images from unauthorized use. These steps will allow you to add Copyright to the Nikon D5600 photos.

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