How To Adjust Lighting On Canon Rebel T6?


How do I adjust the “Shoot By” and Color Tone settings on Canon EOS Rebel T6

It is hard to find anything more useful than the ability to see all possible outcomes of a shot with different settings and without having to click multiple shots. This may sound like an idea born out of pure fantasy. But with the Canon flipscreen DSLR Rebel T61300D, it has become a reality. With the Live View mode, the Canon rebel T6 gives its user the ability to see all possible outcomes from different settings.

You can compare all possible settings in a photo to see how the Canon EOS Rebel T61300D will change the modes of your shot. Although the results displayed on the preview screen may not be 100% accurate, you can still get an idea of how the photo might look with those settings.

After you have finished previewing the images using the different settings, you can exit live view mode and capture a photo of the subject with your Canon EOS Rebel T61300D.

We have outlined the steps below to make it easier for you to follow. It is important to remember that you must first adjust the scene/lighting settings on your Canon EOS Rebel T61300D before you can use the Canon flipscreenDSLR EOS Rebel T61300D to shoot in certain scene modes like Shoot By Lighting or Shoot by Ambience.

Step 1: Turn the dial mode of your Canon EOS Rebel E61300D to any desired modes

Step 2 After setting up the mode, click the live button to change it to live view mode.

Step 3 – Now, use your Canon EOS Rebel HTML61300D to switch to Q mode.

Step 4: Next, choose the scene type from the list on the left. This screen will only be available if you are shooting in Portrait, Close-up Landscape, Sports, or Landscape modes.

Step 5: Now cycle through the different settings using the main dial on the Canon EOS Rebel E61300D. Because lighting is a major factor in certain settings, some photos may not be as different from others. There are many sources of lightning in an event. You can choose to settle for one that is most prominent or keep screening until you find your best shot.

Step 6 – Select an ambiance setting with the cross navigation key

Step 7 To change the setting, turn the main dial on your Canon EOS Rebel T61300D. You will see how each setting affects the scene.

Step 8 Next, use the cross navigation key to go through the effects. For adjustment, you can use the cross navigational key.

Step 9 To exit the Quick Control Screen, press Q.

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