How To Become An Attorney Online


Attorneys are highly-skilled specialists in legal matters. After four years earning their undergraduate degree and three years obtaining their Juris Doctorate, attorneys take an exam that allows them to become licensed practitioners of their chosen field of law.

Many prospective attorneys have questions about becoming an online attorney. Here are a few helpful tips:

1. Get a Bachelor’s Degree

Becoming a lawyer requires years of study, involving academic, skill building, and licensing steps. Potential lawyers should determine their commitment before beginning this long journey.

An undergraduate degree will equip you with skills essential for legal careers, such as writing and research. Additionally, it can help determine if this field is indeed your chosen path.

There are numerous online programs that provide bachelor’s degrees in legal studies or related subjects such as history or business. Furthermore, some schools offer dual degree options whereby students earn both their Juris Doctorate and Master of Business Administration in parallel – this type of program could be an ideal fit for students interested in both fields of work.

2. Apply to Law School

Interested in attending law school? It’s essential that you start the admissions process early as it will require ample time for research and application submissions. In fact, you should start as soon as fall of junior year to ensure you meet all deadlines with ease.

As part of your law school application, you’ll need your LSAT scores, transcripts and letters of recommendation compiled into one report that is sent directly to each law school you apply to. Finally, subscribe to LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS) that assembles them all for you!

Visit each law school you are considering, especially those that are located far away, to help ensure they’re an ideal match. Doing this will allow you to assess if their curriculum and program meet your individual needs and preferences.

3. Take the LSAT

An LSAT exam is one of the key steps toward becoming an attorney online. It’s a standardised law school admission test required by most American Bar Association-approved schools, and many students take multiple attempts in order to attain high enough scores and be accepted into programs – something which takes considerable preparation time and dedication.

Student who intend to become lawyers should begin studying for this test as early as their junior year of college, setting a test date between June and October in order to have enough time for retakes before law school admission deadlines arrive. It’s also wise to select this timeframe because the LSAT tests skills that many undergraduates may not yet possess fully, such as reading comprehension and reasoning skills.

4. Take the Bar Exam

To become an attorney, you’ll first need to pass your state bar exam. Each state outlines its own admission standards – typically educational and moral/ethical guidelines – while most host these examinations twice annually: in February and July.

Before your test, it’s essential that you establish good study habits on a consistent basis and create regular study routines to stick with throughout bar prep. Also important: understanding your learning style early so you can select an effective bar review program and reduce any stress on test day. Make flash cards at home or purchase commercial bar exam prep services; these may even include test questions and answers!

5. Find a Job

When searching for legal jobs online, be sure to utilize the internet. There are various resources dedicated to job hunting online such as Indeed’s legal professional search function which offers legal professionals a selection of legal professionals-specific jobs.

If you’re having difficulty figuring out what career is right for you, try writing down all of the aspects you dislike about your current position and those that appeal. This exercise may help narrow down your list of potential careers that match what interests you most.

If you want to stay in the legal industry, apply for employment at an institution that reflects your interests or use on-demand legal services like LegalMatch or Rocket Lawyer when needed.