How to Connect Canon Printer To wifi?


How do I connect Canon Printer to WiFi?

Canon is the most trusted brand when it comes to buying a printer for professional usage. Canon has increased its range of printers with advanced technology and features.

The tutorial below will guide you through connecting Canon Print to your WiFi network.

Canon Printer:

Canon, the trusted brand worldwide, has a wide range of electronic products. Wireless technology is used to power a variety of printers. No more spending hours setting up the printer with your computer.

You can connect your Canon Wireless Printer to any computer, laptop, Android, or iOS smartphone. You can connect Canon’s Wireless Printer directly to your mobile phone to make quick copies of your files.

How to connect Canon Printer to WiFi.

Canon offers a mobile app that allows you to set up your Printer using your smartphone. Canon Print App allows you to quickly set up your Canon Printer and allow you to operate it wirelessly.

Setting up a Canon Printer, or connecting a Canon Printer with WiFi is difficult for new users. They don’t know the process and aren’t familiar with the app. Windows users can also set up the software via CD.

We have listed the various methods that Conon Printer can be connected to WiFi. Let’s move on to the methods!

How do I connect Canon Printer to WiFi There are 2 ways to connect Canon Printer to WiFi?

There are two ways to connect your Canon Printer with WiFi: the WPS Method or the Standard Method. Let’s learn more about each of these options. Check that your Canon Printer supports Wireless Connection.

Method 1: Connect Canon Printer to WPS

Each Wireless Router has a push-button, i.e. WPS switch. This is how you connect your Router to your Windows or Mac systems. These steps will provide more details about the method.

Canon Printer Connected to WPS Method
  • Turn on the Canon Printer, and place it near the router.
  • Make sure the WiFi button is ON on your Canon Printer
  • The Home button is pressed on the Printer.
  • The Settings option, i.e. The Setup option.
  • To establish a new connection, choose the Wireless LAN Configuration option.
  • Place the Printer closer to the Wi-Fi router. Hold the WPS button down for between 5-10 seconds.
  • After the connection has been established, the indicator lamp on Canon Printer will blink for a time before it turns off.
  • The Printer’s display will identify the router’s access points.
  • After putting the sheets into its compartment, you can start printing with Canon’s Printer

Method 2: Connect Canon Printer to Standard Method

For routers that do not have a WPS push-button, the standard method is applicable. If your wireless router does not have a WPS push button, you will need to use the Standard Method.

Network Setting and Initial Preparations

First, connect the printer to your computer system for a network setting. The connection status will show the network name. This page contains information about network settings. After you have filled the tray with paper, press the cancel or resume button.

For initial setup, make sure the WiFi Connection switch has been turned on. An Ethernet cable is required to establish a wired connection. You will need to update your drivers to make it easier.

Connect the printer to the Internet and check the speed. Connect the Printer and Computer to the WiFi router.

Now you are done with the initial setup. The connection process for Windows systems and Mac systems is different. Let’s move on to the next steps!

How do I connect Canon Printer to Windows PC Wirelessly?

  • Select the Start option and then click the Settings button.
How to connect Canon Printer to Windows PC Wirelessly
  • Click the Devices button in the Settings Window.
How to connect Canon Printer to Windows PC Wirelessly
  • Select the Printer or Scanners option from here.
How to connect Canon Printer to Windows PC Wirelessly
  • Choose Add Printer or Scanner from this link.
  • Connect it now to the same network as the Printer.
  • Follow the steps above to set up your account.
  • After the setup is complete, you can start using the printer from your Windows PC.

How do I connect Canon Printer to Mac OS Wirelessly

  • Navigate to the Application folder in the Dock. Select the System option and Preferences.
How to connect Canon Printer to Mac OS Wirelessly
  • Choose the Scanners and printers Option. How to connect Canon Printer to Mac OS Wirelessly 2
  • To add a printer, click the + button.
  • A list will appear, from which you can choose the Printer and then add it manually.
  • You must ensure that both the Canon Printer (and Mac) are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • After the connection is complete, you can print a test copy of Mac’s file using the Canon’s Printer connected to it.

Last words:

This is how to connect Canon Printers to WiFi on Windows or Mac systems. You can also connect the Printer to your Android or iOS mobile device using the official app, which is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

You can also connect your Canon Printer to your computer using a USB cable. The box contains the standard USB data cable and a wired connection.

For a trouble-free connection, we recommend the use of the standard USB Cable.

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