How to Connect Google Chromebook to Wireless Printer?


How to connect a printer to a Chromebook

Follow these steps to connect your printer to Chromebook. Chromebook does not support Bluetooth printing. You have two options to connect your Chromebook to your printer: wired or wireless.

Scenario 1 – How do I connect a Chromebook to a printer (via a USB cable)?

A USB cable can connect the Chromebook to a printer. For this purpose, make sure you use a high-quality USB cable. Connect the USB cables to the Chromebook’s USB ports.

Once the USB connection has been established, the system will notify you. Follow the instructions on the screen to pair your Chromebook with the Printer.

Scenario 2 – How do I connect my printer to my Chromebook (via WiFI)?

Make sure that the two devices are connected to the same Wifi network. Turn on the Printer to complete this task. Next, connect the printer with the Home wifi network. If you have any questions about the printer or the Wifi connection, refer to the user manual.

After that, turn on your Chromebook and connect to the same Wifi network. To get started, you can select the TIME option on the screen’s right-hand side. Once done, tap NOT CONNECTED.

Chromebook will display a list of available WIFI networks. Select CONNECT and enter the name of your home Wi-Fi network. The Chromebook and the printer are now connected to the same network.

Next, tap the TIME option in the lower right corner of your Chromebook screen. Follow the steps below once you have completed this step.

Settings > Advanced> Print and scan > Printers > Your printer name

After you have completed the selection, click on the AVAILABLE PRINTERS to SAVE option next to your Printer’s name. Then tap on SAVE. Your Printer will now be at the top of your SAVED PRINTERS List.

You can now print and scan using the Chromebook’s printer pairing.

The Printer allows you to print documents

  • Click on the page or document you wish to print, and then press CTRL+P
  • sign available next to the DESTINATION option.
  • Select SEE MORE, then choose your Printer’s name
  • The Printer should appear in the list provided automatically. Tap on MANAGE if it does not.
  • Choose PRINT, and the Printer will continue with the rest.

The Printer allows you to scan the documents.

Some printers cannot scan. Before proceeding with any further tasks, make sure you check the scanner’s capabilities. Follow the steps below once you have confirmed your findings.

  • Click on the TIME option at the bottom of your Chromebook’s display.
  • Click on Settings to move towards Advanced Settings.
  • Click on the SCAN button located under the “Print and Scan” category
  • You can search for the Scan App by opening the launcher, and then typing the SCAN
  • menu located on the bottom right
  • Tap on MORE SETTINGS to make a selection of random settings such as page size, resolution, color mode, and scan options.
  • Tap SCAN to start the scanning process.

All scanned and printed files can then be saved to the Chromebook at your convenience. These files can be searched by clicking on the SHOW FILE LOCATION option.

Here are some things to consider when connecting your printer to a Chromebook

If the Printer’s name has not been saved automatically, you will need to go through the advanced setup. The Chromebook might not work with your device if the printer name isn’t listed in the drop-down menus.

You might consider using a generic Postscript Printer Description (PPD), or mention your PPD.

To accommodate printers, Chromebooks use PPD files. These PPD files, which are quite different from printer drivers, further instruct your Chromebook about the support for a particular printer model. You can begin the process by looking for a box next to “SPECIFY YOUR PRINTER” PPD.

After that, click on BROWSE to select your PRINTER PD and then tap on OPEN. Chromebooks can only open file formats such as.pp or.gzip and files up to 250kb are not supported.

The bottom line on how to connect a Chromebook to a printer

Follow the instructions to connect your printer to a Chromebook. However, compatibility between your Printer and Chromebook is key. Check the compatibility list for your Chromebook before you print.

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