How to Connect Printer to Wireless Router Network?


How to connect the printer to Wi-Fi router – Getting started

Wireless printing is a feature that many printers now offer. Wireless printing lets you print from a computer or wireless device that is connected to your wireless router. This allows offices and institutions to print from their desktops, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices without the need for wires.

You can print from your printer by connecting it to a Wi-Fi router. To print wirelessly, you don’t need to be in the same place or building. This feature allows you to work wirelessly from a router by connecting to it.

To print, however, you must first connect your printer with your Wi-Fi network. It is simple to connect a wired printer. All you have to do is grab the cable and plug it into your printer. Although the process may seem simple, a wireless printer can be more difficult than just plugging in a cable.

Wireless printing can be used in multiple ways. Wireless printers can also be equipped with Infrared connections or Bluetooth-enabled printers. However, in this instance, we’re talking about Wi-Fi printers. Before you connect your printer to a Wi-Fi router, ensure your printer supports WPS push mode. Also, make sure your router has a button. You don’t need to have a computer when connecting the printer with the router via WPS.

Setup a Wireless Printer

Connecting your printer to your Wi-Fi network is the first step. This allows any wireless device, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, to print to your printer.

Place your printer within range of your wireless router. To enable a Wi-Fi connection from your printer, instead of connecting it to a computer or desktop, turn on the printer. Next, connect your printer with the Wi-Fi router.

This process will vary depending on the printer’s make and model. However, it is important to know the Wi-Fi password and network name for any subsequent methods. This will allow you to use the printer as a wireless printer. You only need to ensure that the printer can be connected to wireless devices.

You can verify that the wireless printer connection is working correctly by opening a file or document on your mobile device or laptop and selecting “Print.” Next, select the printer from the printer list. If the name does not appear on the list, you should restart the printer. After a brief delay, select “print” or “ok” and the file/document should include the printer.

To activate wireless buttons on printers, hold the button down for 3 seconds. The light will start blinking when you press the button. Once the connection is complete, hold down the WPS button on your Wi-Fi router/modem. The WPS will then blink. The printer should be connected to the router within 2-3 minutes.

If your printer does not have a wireless button, but you do have a control panel, you can go to Wireless Setting’ or Network Setting’ on the menu. Next, you will need to use the pin option to access Wi-Fi.

To start wireless printing, install the software on your computer, laptop, or mobile device before you connect your printer with the Wi-Fi router.

How to print wirelessly from your mobile device

Once the router is connected to your printer, you can set up the devices that you want to print from. Print wirelessly from your computer or laptop using Bluetooth. Add the printer to the device printer list.

To print from Android mobile devices go to the Default Printer Service Settings page. You can add the printer to your device and print files from any app that supports printing such as Google Chrome.

If your printer supports AirPrint, you can use it. handprint and Printopia are useful apps that allow the computer to receive AirPrint data and send it to the wireless printer.

In Conclusion

You can print directly from your mobile device by connecting your printer to your wireless router.

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