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EOS R Wedding Photography

Canon’s mirrorless full-frame mirrorless camera, Canon EOS R, first appeared in 2018. This is a proof of concept camera with amazing features such as the M-Fn bar and control ring. It also allows for substantial upgrades to existing EF or EF-S lenses. The flip-out screen camera pairs with the full frame 30.3 megapixel CMOS sensor. The EOS R also features the DIGIC 8 image processing, which provides a native ISO range of 100-40,000 and can be extended to ISO 50 and 102.400 matching exactly like the Canon EOS 5D MARK IV. Pro devices can capture 4K (UHD), 30 frames per sec, and 1080p (Full HD), up to 60 frames each second. To shoot 120 frames per se, you need to go down to 720p HD.

Canon EOS R Wedding Settings

 How to take great wedding photos with Canon EOS R?  


 Use the Silent Shutter  

Weddings are full of quiet moments. The shutter clatter can make it difficult to take pictures, especially if you are close to the couple. A silent shutter allows you to take photos without disturbing others in such situations as this EOS R. The articulated screen makes it possible to focus and take pictures from many angles.

 STEP 2.  

 Search for Different Angles  

When taking photos, always try different angles.

The Canon EOS R’s vary-angle LCD screen allows you to position your camera at ground level so that you can take low-angle shots. The rotating screen allows you to use a touch shutter to take photos. You don’t need to hold the camera up all the time.

 STEP 3.  

 Capture your emotions with AF  

We are all filled with emotion at weddings, such as tears of joy and hugs. Canon’s EOSR fast AF performance allows you to capture these types of shots easily even in low-light conditions.

 Canon EOS R wedding settings

 STEP 4.  

 Shoot images RAW  

RAW format is not recommended for wedding photographers. However, it can be beneficial as the Raw format allows you to edit the images more easily after they are taken. Photographers can be faced with tricky lighting conditions that could result in photos being underexposed or misaligned. For safety reasons, it is a good idea to shoot in RAW format.

 STEP 5.  

 Mind the Golden Hour  

Although you may have captured stunning photos of the couple before, there is something special about the setting sun. It is worth learning to use it. It can be difficult to learn how to use the sunset light. Practice it many times before you actually shoot the actual wedding couple. You will be able to create stunning photographs that will bring you immense appreciation if you do it correctly.

 STEP 6.  

 Keeps shooting mode open to capture every precious moment  

EOS R offers continuous shooting, which is useful for weddings. It is possible to capture important moments such as the ring exchange and the first kiss, but you should be focused on the faces of the couple. Otherwise, you may end up with a lot of soft shots.

These tips will help you be a professional wedding photographer using Canon EOSR.

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