How to Create Folder in Canon DSLR?


How do I create custom folders on Canon Rebel T6 1300D

When you click a photograph using your Canon flipscreenDSLR HTML6, an automatic folder is created on your memory card. This folder will contain the images. 100Canon is the default folder that is automatically created. The second and third folders, respectively, are 102Canon 103Canon. The folders created automatically have similar names. After a folder has been created, it can hold up to 9,999 photos. A second folder will be automatically created. You can create a new folder even if your existing folders exceed the limit. This will allow you to keep track of the photos and help you remember where they are. Separate folders can be used to separate personal and professional photos.

Step 1.

You can create a folder by going to the setup menu 1.

Step 2.

Use the cross navigation key to highlight the option and then press the set button. This will create a folder on your memory cards. The Canon EOS Rebel E6 / 1300D will ask you permission before it creates a new folder.

Step 3.

Use the right/left navigation keys to highlight the “OK” option and press the Set button. If you don’t wish to create a folder in your Canon EOS Rebel HTML6/1300D, highlight the cancel option and then press Set.

Step 4.

This folder will automatically be named and set as the active one. The folder will now contain every image you clicked using your Canon flipscreenDSLR EOS Rebel 6/1300D.

Step 5.

Once the folder has been created, click the Set button to return to the Setup menu.

To create a second folder, open the setup menu one more time. Then create another folder following the same process.

A separate folder can be extremely helpful when you attend an event or are touring a country. It is possible to separate the images from different sets or places, so that you can name the folder according to the occasion or the names of the places.

Tip A few thumbnails will appear on either side of a folder that has images. The thumbnail will contain the first image stored in the folder and the last four digits for the filename. The thumbnail located beneath it will display the last image stored in the folder, along with the last four digits.

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