How to Enable Siri on iPhone XR?


How to activate Siri on iPhone XR

Siri is a handy feature that will make your iPhone experience seamless. It can be frustrating if you recently upgraded to a newer iPhone i.e Iphone XR, and Siri does not activate or your Siri microphone is not working. With a few simple steps, Siri can be restored to normal in no time.

Activating Siri on Your iPhone XR

Siri can be accessed by speaking or pressing the side button. This is how to make sure Siri works on your iPhone.

Step 1.

Scroll down until you find the “Siri & Search” option in the Settings app.

How to Activate Siri on iPhone XR

Step 2.

Click on the option to go to the Ask Siri section.

Step 3.

You will see an option that reads “Listen for’Hey Siri” which you can activate in order to access Siri via voice command. Or, you can activate “Press Side Button to Siri” if you prefer to not use voice commands.

Step 4.

To activate Siri, you’ll need to click the enable Siri button if this is your first time activating Siri.

Step 5.

Siri will learn your voice by asking for a few routine commands.

Step 6.

To activate Siri, select “Done” after the voice recognition process has been completed.

Activate Siri on iPhone XR

Step 7.

If you don’t feel like speaking out loud, you can activate Type to Siri. This allows you to type your commands to Siri in voice.

Step 8.

You can exit the Settings app to test Siri using voice commands or the Side Button.

Activate Siri on iPhone XR – side button

Step 9.

Once Siri is activated, you will be able to return to your Home Screen by clicking the bottom of the screen. Or you can type or say “Bye Siri!”

It can be difficult to get used to Siri without the home button. Siri can be activated simply by pressing the Power (or Side) Button for a bit too long. This means that you should be very careful with how your phone is handled as Siri can be accidentally activated quite often. Siri is an excellent feature and the iOS 12 update makes it even more useful.

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