How To Hide Internet Router?


How to Hide Wifi Router Box and Still Get the Best Reception

Your router box can be hidden behind photo frames or inside baskets. To get the best performance, it is important to place your router box in the correct location. Learn how to hide Wi Fi router boxes and where to store them.

How to Setup a WiFi Router Box for the Best Network Reception

Place the Router in a central location

The wires that you use to connect your router are often located in the corners of your home. You can extend them to a central location. You can choose the area where you spend the most time or where the internet is most accessible.

The Router should be kept away from the Microwave

You may notice a slowdown in your internet speed if you use a microwave. Remember that microwaves and wireless routers operate at the same frequency. Your signal will be interrupted if you receive any radiation from the microwave.

Avoid Concrete and Brick Walls with Your Router

Different materials emit different amounts of radiation. However, concrete and brick have stronger radiation. Your router’s signal will be blocked if you surround it with concrete or brick.

How to hide a Wifi Router box

To enhance all-round connection, ensure antenna faces are facing upward

If you live in a storied house, you want to make sure the antenna of your router is well-positioned to improve the signal across the house. To improve the signal quality, position the antenna higher than the rest. Two antennas are ideal for large houses. Some routers do not come with an antenna. These routers can be positioned in a way that improves their performance.

You must ensure that the Router is raised

WiFi routers emit radio waves that travel far from their source. To improve signal strength, fix your router high up on a shelf or wall. This is a good option if your house has a lot of history and you want to improve the connection.

How to hide a WiFi router box

You can hide cables and routers in your home with different techniques. No matter what method you use, it is important to know that router boxes are operated via infrared remotes. These remotes require visibility in order to work efficiently. Avoid putting electronics in places where they can overheat or start a fire. These are some ways to keep your router’s cables and wires out of reach.

Buy a Decorative Box

You can find a variety of decorative boxes at your local craft shop. Make sure you choose a non-metallic container that is large enough to hold your router box. To improve ventilation and make sure the antenna pops out, you may need to make some holes. To increase signal strength, place your box on a cabinet or shelf.

Place Your Router behind other Objects

You can hide your router box with clocks, ornamental photos, and thick leafy plants. The WiFi box can be placed on the side, with the antenna pointed upwards. Your router will have excellent signal strength if it is placed on higher shelves.

You might consider putting it inside a picture frame

You don’t have to hide your router box behind a photo frame. Create an artistic hiding place by using a shadow box or frame. You can mount routers at the back of frames with the attachment areas that many routers have. Choose a frame that is not metallic. Your router should have enough ventilation. For ventilation purposes, make sure to leave some space in the frame.

It can be placed in the Entertainment Center

The entertainment center houses most of your cables, and can also be a great place to store your router box. To prevent heat buildup, make sure the antenna is exposed to sunlight and don’t place it on top or near other equipment. Make sure your electronics are properly ventilated. You may need to make ventilation holes in closed storage cabinets. Your WiFi connection can be disrupted if your router is placed near objects that emit a wireless signal. These objects include Bluetooth devices and baby monitors.


These tips will help you hide your WiFi router box and keep your home tidy while still receiving the best signal reception.

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