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Video: Best Lighting for Cooking – Overview

Professional photographers prefer natural light for food photography. Professional lighting equipment is needed to shoot professional-quality cooking videos for your YouTube channel.

Here’s a list of the Top Lighting for Cooking Videos for Food Photography.

Pro shooters highly recommend the lighting kit below. You can adjust the lighting according to your needs. This will improve your video-making experience.

A variety of equipment is required to create professional videos. The lighting kit is an essential part of this setup. A professional video cannot be shot in low light.

You must shoot cooking videos in your kitchen. A reliable lighting kit is necessary to transform your kitchen into a video-shooting studio.

There are hundreds of lighting options on the market. It is difficult to choose the right one for you.

We have listed the best lighting options for cooking videos on the market. Let’s move on to the next item!

The Best Lighting for Cooking Videos

1. Neewer for Camera Video Light Photo Dimmable LED Panel

Never’s on Camera Light transforms an ordinary camera into a professional camera that can be used to shoot cooking videos.

The photo dimmable light features 176 LED panels, which allow you to control the lighting in your kitchen.

This kit includes a standard thread, which is compatible with all professional cameras.

This lighting kit can be used on professional DSLR cameras such as the Nikon and Canon without any additional stand support.

Each panel comes with 176 LED lights, which provide professional-grade lighting for shooting videos.

You can adjust the brightness and turn the light on or off with a simple twist control.

Transparent filters can be used to adjust the scene. These filters can be very useful when you need to capture low-light videos. These filters are used by professionals to alter the overall effect.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with standard 1/4 threads for Canon, Nikon, or other DSLRs
  • Equipped with 176 LED lights
  • Dimmable range
  • Multiple filters are available to customize the scene
  • Simple twist controls for brightness
  • Premium heat dissipation
  • Universal Use


2. SUPONL122T Ultra-Thin LED Panel with LCD Display

The Supon L122T Ultrathin LED light can restore true color to professional videos. This panel contains 122 bright LEDs that provide extended lighting. With the built-in twist control, users can adjust the brightness from 20% to 100%.

This LED light can be attached to your primary camera using the standard thread. This LED light can be attached to your Nikon, Canon, or other popular DSLRs using a 1/4 thread.

The light reduces shadows and provides maximum lighting for natural daylight.

Camcorders and tripods can also be fitted with the same LED light via standard connectivity. This slim LED video light is perfect for cooking videos, interviews, photography, and portraits.

The box contains all the necessary accessories. The user manual can be used to quickly set up the light.

Key Features:

  • The light is lighter due to its ultra-thin design
  • Complete lighting kit included in the box
  • Bright LED light with 122 lumens of low-consumption
  • Variable brightness control, from 20% to 100%
  • Angle control built-in to change the course of the light
  • Multiple power supply options


3. VILTROX VL-162T CRI95+ LED Video Light

Viltrox is a well-known brand for professional-grade lighting. Viltrox offers a variety of LED video lights that can be used to enhance your lighting experience.

Viltrox VL-162T is the best video light for cooking videos.

An easy-to-use control button is included with the advanced lighting kit. You can adjust the brightness with the rotating control.

Depending on the color temperature, the brightness can be adjusted between 20% and 100%. The lighting temperature can be adjusted from soft to glowing.

The 162 bright LEDs in the LED light come as standard. The LED lights are low-power. The LED light is lightweight and durable.

It is a great light source for professional video, vlogging, and wedding photography, as well as family functions.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with standard shoe adaptors
  • Lights can be adjusted to different angles
  • Options for power adapters and batteries
  • Equip with an LCD screen
  • Variable brightness range from 20% to 100
  • It is easy to set up and comes complete with all the necessary tools

4. Neewer LED Video Light Pocket-Sized Camera LED Light with Built-In 4000mAh Battery

The SL180 LED Video Light by Neewer is a top-selling light for professional video shooters.

This light is a great choice for professionals because it has a small design. It’s easy to use and provides the best light for professional cooking videos.

Neewer is a trusted brand that offers a variety of LED lights to suit all needs. This LED light has a built-in rechargeable battery.

The 4000 mAh battery gives you an exceptional video shooting experience. This light features an OLED display and is made of durable materials.

This LED light is dimmable and can be adjusted to your liking.

You can adjust the brightness to suit the scene. This small-sized LED light can be used with any type of DSLR.

Key Features:

  • Pocket-sized lightweight design
  • Variable brightness range from 5% to 100
  • Option for superior color reproduction
  • Dual power options with built-in battery
  • All the accessories you need are included in the complete kit

5. NEEWER 160LED CN-160 Dimmable High Power Panel

Neewer’s CN160 powerful LED light is the perfect choice for professionals. This edition of Neewer’s powerful LED light is perfect for professional blogs and cooking videos.

This LED light has a simple design and is lightweight for long-lasting use.

160 LED beads are equipped with a dimmable ultra-high power panel. These LED beads are low in energy and produce bright light that brings the natural sunlight into your kitchen, while you’re making your cooking videos.

You can adjust the color temperature of the LED light. The LED light can be adjusted to adjust the color and brightness.

You can adjust the brightness of the light by pressing a button. You can also adjust the angle of your lights.

Standard threads are compatible with DSLRs, Camcorders, as well as tripods. This LED light is ideal for wedding photography, interviews, portraits, and vlogging.

This all-in-one LED lamp can serve as a companion to your video-shooting journey.

Key Features:

  • Simple to mount thread and lightweight design
  • Compatible with all types DLSRs and Camcorders
  • You can adjust the color and brightness
  • Durable construction
  • The standard heat dissipation device
  • Light powered by batteries


An LED light is a reliable tool that can improve your video-shooting experience. There are many options on the market so you shouldn’t be afraid to invest in an LED light for your videography career.

A professional-grade LED light is required to shoot cooking videos. The best-LED lights for professionals are listed in this article.

Take a look at the LED lights and get all the information you need to choose the best one for your needs when shooting cooking videos.

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