How To Make Old TV To Smart TV?


How to turn your old TV into a smart TV

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to upgrade an old TV. This guide will show you how to convert your old TV into a smart TV. You can binge-watch your favorite movies and shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Here are some suggestions on how to convert an old TV into a Smart TV

Method 1.

How to convert an old TV into a smart TV – Apple TV

First, locate the HDMI port on the TV. This is the input signal you will require to use Apple TV. If your device doesn’t support the HDMI port, you can purchase an HDMI to RCA adaptor.

It should be plugged into the yellow, red, and white ports. The HDMI cable must be brought with you when in use. There are also HDMI cables in different lengths available in department stores.

After that, place your Apple TV box next to your TV. It must be placed close to your TV so that the HDMI and power cables can reach it.

Next, connect the HDMI cable from one end to the Apple Box TV. This cable will fit into the HDMI port at the back of your TV.

Connect one end of HDMI cable to the TV, and the other end to the wall socket.

Turn on the TV by pressing the power button. Change the input channel to HDMI. If the page setup is not displayed, click on the Apple TV remote centre button.

You will need to locate an Apple TV box.

Follow the prompts to choose the language and set the Wi-Fi network. Enter the password. Now you can start downloading the recommended updates. You can now use your old TV as a smart TV.

Method 2.

How to convert an old TV into a smart TV with Amazon Fire TV Stick

As with the previous step, you will also need to search for an HDMI port. You will need to buy the HDMI to RCA adaptor if your old TV does not have one.

The HDMI port on the TV must be plugged into the firestick TV. If the TV is too close to the wall or if there isn’t enough space, the HDMI extension cable included with the firestick must be plugged into the TV.

Connect the fire stick to the power socket. To do this, plug one end of the cable into the port and the other into the wall socket.

Place the batteries in the remote control for the firestick. Make sure there are 2 AAA batteries in your firestick package

Press the power button to turn on the TV. Change the input channel for the HDMI. It will vary depending on the model.

When prompted, press the Play or Pause button. This will allow you to prepare the remote for connection with the firestick television.

After entering your password, select the wireless network you want. Wait for updates to download.

When prompted, sign in with your Amazon account. You must ensure that the Amazon subscriptions are activated and all related processes are completed before you sign in.

Your old TV can be used as a smart television. After signing up for Amazon, you’ll be able to access your favorite shows and movies.

Method 3.

How to convert an old TV into a smart TV – Chromecast

First, locate the HDMI port on your TV. Note the number next to it. If your TV does not have an HDMI port, you will need to buy an HDMI to RCA adaptor.

You don’t need to force the Chromecast to fit into the TV’s HDMI port.

If you can’t locate it, connect the USB power adaptor to the wall socket.

Turn on the TV, and switch the HDMI channel to the input channel. The input screen will appear where you can download the Google Home app for Android or iPhone. It’s free.

Google Home will open and show you the area in red, green and yellow. Click on the Accept button.

You will be prompted by the TV to visit the Google homepage. Next, click “use without Bluetooth” to set up your Google home page.

Simply wait for Chromecast to connect to your phone. After you have done it, the Chromecast will be visible on your TV.

Once prompted, press the continue button. Enter the code for your TV. Tap on “continue”. Next, click on “continue”. The screen will appear with a variety of messages.

Select the wireless network you want to use for your Chromecast, then tap on it while you enter the password. Follow the prompts to confirm the update.

How to convert an old TV into a smart TV

You can convert your old TV into a Smart TV by following the steps above. If you aren’t comfortable with the settings or features of your used device, consult a certified electrician or TV technician.

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