How to Make Your Computer Faster for Gaming?


Make your laptop faster gaming

Laptop gaming is becoming increasingly popular every day. Higher hardware requirements are required for the advanced graphics and brilliant logic of new games. How can you speed up your laptop for gaming? There are many tweaks that you can make to increase your laptop’s speed for gaming. It is possible to make an immediate difference in your laptop’s performance. Let’s find out how!

1. For better performance in gaming, keep your laptop dust-free and clean

You must first take care of your laptop to improve gaming performance. Performance is hampered by dirt and dust. This is because the dust and dirt reduce airflow and cause the laptop to heat up. The processor, graphics card, and most components then overheat, which results in slower performance.

2. You might consider third-party software that can boost your game.

Third-party game boosters allow you to adjust your graphics settings, disable undesirable processes, defragment your system and even overclock your CPU to increase your laptop’s overall performance.

This is IObit’s Razer Game Booster. It works well with almost any desktop or laptop. You can disable any unwanted processes with a single click. The developers claim this application improves CPU performance and cleans up RAM. It is easy to use, so even non-computer-savvy users can use it.

3. For a better gaming experience, overclock your graphics card

Although this method is a risky one for beginners, it will give you more performance from your graphics card. Both NVIDIA and AMD GPUs can be overclocked easily.

The main problem is heat and electricity. Overclocking a GPU requires more electricity than normal, so you’ll need to adjust the power settings on your laptop. Overclocking can also increase the GPU’s temperature, which can in some cases even cause damage.

You don’t need to be concerned as the laptop’s built-in cooling system manages it. Your laptop will also automatically shut down if it gets too warm. This safety feature is included with most laptops today.

faster laptop for gaming

4. Activate Windows 10 GAMING MODE

This tip is only for Windows 10 users. Windows 10 includes an Xbox app with some special features for gamers. You can find these features:

Screen recording
Game mode
You can play videos

Press the “Enter” buttonWIN+GYou can see that the Xbox panel is visible; now, you need to check that ‘Yes, it is a game box.

3.3.3Activate Windows 10 Game Mode

5. Install the most recent DirectX version

DirectX is essential to run Windows games. DirectX is a set of software tools that allows you to create graphics in your video games. DirectX was first launched in 2015. DirectX 12 is now pre-installed on your Windows 10 laptop. Open the run box and press the “Run” button to check the DirectX version.WIN+RType,?dxdiagNow, look for Direct3D DDI. This will display the DirectX version that has been installed.

6. Your Laptop Can’t be Faster Than Your Connection Speed

When playing online, your laptop’s speed will be as good or worse than your internet connection. Your computer must have a great relationship with your router to enjoy the best visual and audio quality. If you are playing wirelessly make sure to check out this list of best Wi-Fi routers for gaming.

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