How to Transfer Photos from Camera to Phone?


How do I transfer photos from Canon to iPhone?

You will need to follow a few steps to transfer your photos from Canon to iPhone. After the initial setup is completed, your iPhone will be automatically detected by the app when you want to initiate transfers. Here’s how to move photos from Canon to iPhone. It takes just 6 steps.

Here’s how to transfer photos from Canon to iPhone

Step 1. Via OTG USB camera adapter (Hey! It’s available on Amazon

To transfer photos from Canon to iPhone, the first thing you need is a USB camera converter. This adapter can instantly read your memory cards.

Step 2. Plug both the camera and the iPhone with a single USB cable

Open the USB cable port on the camera’s right side. Next, plug one end of the USB cable into your camera and the other into the OTG adapter connected to your iPhone.

How to transfer photos from Canon to iPhone

Step 3. Turn on your iPhone

You must have your iPhone turned on before you can transfer the file from your camera to your iPhone.

Step 4. Look for the import option on your iPhone

Once you unlock your iPhone, the Apple Photos app will open automatically. The Import option is located in the right-hand corner. Click that.

How to transfer photos from Canon to iPhone – Import

Step 5. Wait while the app detects and reads the photos

Your iPhone will now be connected to your computer and it will start reading any files stored in your camera, regardless of whether they are in JPEG format or RAW format. iPhone can read both dual memory cards.

. Step 6. The end

Once the iPhone has read all photos, it will start importing them from the Canon Rebel camera into its storage. After the photo transfer from Canon to iPhone is complete, the iPhone will ask you if you would like to keep a copy of the photos on your SD card or delete them all. This marks the end of the entire process.

You can also use the Camera Connect App to wirelessly send photos from Canon Rebel T7 (or other smartphones) to the iPhone.

  1. Install Camera Connect App
  2. Click on “Wifi Settings” to modify your camera settings.
  3. Stop using the app on your smartphone
  4. Click the “mobile device connect button”
  5. One-touch connection: Select the smartphone symbol
  6. Select the SSID that was displayed for your Canon on your phone
  7. Enter the password that appears on your phone’s camera.
  8. Camera Connect App is activated after the connection has been established
Canon Camera Connect: How to Transfer Photos from Canon to iPhone

This is how you transfer photos from the rebel t7i phone to connecting both devices.

Canon EOS Rebel T7i users have many options for transferring files from their camera to their computer or their iPhone. Now that you are familiar with how to transfer photos from Canon EOS Rebel to your phone, you can upload files and transfer photos directly from your Canon EOS Rebel to 800D to your smartphone.

Canon is renowned for its dedication to customer service. Direct file transfer from Canon to iPhone is exactly that. Canon quickly seized the opportunity and added file-sharing options to its cameras, even though this was not a Canon Nikon feature.

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