How To Use Dell Docking Station?


How to Connect Dell Laptop to Monitor Using Docking Station

We can help you connect your Dell laptop to a docking station if you don’t have any idea. You must first have a good Dell Docking Station.

You’ll be able to access different peripherals by connecting your laptop to the docking station. It allows for easy connection to external hard drives, keyboards, speakers and large-screen displays. This is possible without the need to connect each of the peripherals listed above into your laptop.

Why docking station matters while establishing the connection

A few Dell laptops include an optional docking station attachment. To attach an external monitor to your laptop, you just need to hook it up to the docking station. A VGA or DVI cable is required to attach an external monitor. Then, you can simply attach your laptop to the docking station. The desktop will then automatically transfer to the external monitor. You can connect keyboards and mice to this unit with the docking stations, which will enhance your desktop experience.

The Dell Universal Dock D6000 is compatible with DisplayLink technology, which allows for docking features that are not available via USB. The universal docking solution supports audio, Ethernet, multiple displays and other USB peripherals that are connected to computers via USB.

Recommended steps for How to connect dell laptop to monitor using docking station*

Step 1. Powering off your laptop

How to Connect Dell Laptop to Monitor Using Docking Station – Power Off

Once you are ready to connect your computer to the docking station you will need to either put it to sleep or turn it off. __S.20__

This type is easy to connect to the bottom slot. Ensure that you always check the back of the docking station when using it. __S.23__

Step 2. Establishing the connection

How to Connect Dell Laptop to Monitor Using Docking Station – Connection

Move on and slide the laptop onto its docking station. Set the laptop on the docking station. Next, align any pegs that are on the docking station with the slots on your back.

If you have the horizontal “block-style” stations, you will need to align the port with the plug on the docking station. To slide the plug, simply press the button.

Step 3.Using a USB cable

Whenever you’re trying to build the connection using a docking station, go ahead with a cable for the connection to the laptop.

Modern cable-based docking stations can be used with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 cables. If you need more information, please refer to the manual included with your docking station.

Step 4. Installing the device drivers

How to Connect Dell Laptop to Monitor Using Docking Station – Drivers

DisplayLink technology is compatible with the Dell Universal Dock. This technology allows for the activation of docking features via USB. This universal solution to docking works with multiple displays, audio and ethernet peripherals.

  1. Before you proceed, make sure to download the most recent version of DisplayLink driver. The Dell Drivers & Downloads Page will provide information about the availability of the DisplayLink driver.
  2. Now, just follow the screen prompts until you notice the successful installation.
  3. Restart the PC
  4. Now, go ahead with building the connection of all the external devices to the docking station
  5. Ensure the proper connection of the docking station to your Laptop

Step 5. Setting up an external monitor

How to Connect Dell Laptop to Monitor Using Docking Station – External Monitor

Microsoft Windows does not include the VGA graphics drivers. If you want to achieve the best graphics performance, you should use the Dell graphics driver after downloading from the Dell Drivers & Downloads site. The “Video” section will allow you to do the same.

Connect the monitor to your docking station. You can do this using the HDMI / DisplayPort cable (see also Dell Thunderbolt Dock WD19TB). The Dell Universal Dock D6000 will allow you to connect 3 displays to your PC. The Thunderbolt ™, 3 Type-C USB cable will ensure a smooth connection. There is also an option to get the 2 displays via USB 3.0 cable.

How to connect a Dell laptop to a monitor via docking station

These are the steps that will guide you in connecting your Dell laptop to your monitor via docking station. The same steps will allow you to establish a seamless connection between all devices.

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