How to Use Siri on iPhone 11?


How to activate Siri on iPhone 11

Some iPhone users dislike Siri while others can’t seem to use it. This article will help you activate Siri if you have disabled Siri or opted not to set Siri up during setup. First, you should know that Siri can be activated. Siri iPhone 11Two methods are available: Voice Command or pressing the side button.

Activating Siri By Voice Command

Voice Command is the most popular choice for people who are in a hurry. It is fast and efficient. Here’s how to activate Siri using voice command:

1. Scroll down to the Siri & Search option in the Settings app.

How to activate Siri on iPhone 11

2. After clicking on that option, go to the Ask Siri section. Turn on “Listen for Siri” and tap on the Enable Siri option.

Activate Siri on iPhone 11 – Hey Siri

3. To feed Siri your voice, select the Continue option. Siri will then know which voice it should hear.

4. After you have selected the continue option, Siri will prompt you to repeat some commands so that Siri can get used to your voice. After you have successfully repeated the commands, you can choose the done option.

5. You can test Siri by exiting the app, saying “Hey Siri!” out loud, and then wait for Siri’s turn on.

Side Button to activate Siri

This method is useful if you are unable to hear Siri or need Siri to be activated quickly. You can also use the voice command to turn off Siri. Siri iPhone 11You can do this by pressing the Side Button on your phone. Here’s how to do it:

1. Scroll down to the Settings app and select the ‘Siri & Search’ option.

2. 2. Click on the option to go to the Ask Siri section. Turn on the Press Side Button For Siri’ option. You can confirm your action by clicking on the “Enable Siri”.

Side button: How to activate Siri on iPhone 11

3. To test Siri, exit the Settings app. Press the Side Button and wait until it activates.

Side button: How to activate Siri on iPhone 11

4. While Siri is waiting to activate, make sure you hold down the Side Button for 2 or 3 seconds.

Last Note

If you’re setting up Siri for the first time, you’ll need to choose the “Enable Siri” option to activate Siri. You can activate Siri again by turning on the options if Siri has been disabled. These simple steps will make activating Siri easy. You will enjoy Siri’s added convenience when you use your iPhone 11.

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