Hp Elite X2 Docking Station


How to set up HP Elite X2 docking station

The HP Elite X2 docking station is one of the most powerful and efficient devices available that allows you to connect multiple devices from your laptop or desktop with ease.

This advanced wireless dock will enable the laptop to connect wirelessly to other devices such as monitors and keyboards. The wireless dock also makes use of other network connections. You can connect to the USB, Ethernet, microphone, display port, headphone, Ethernet, and microphone via the wireless dock. You will have the ability to manage the dock’s devices in a very efficient and precise manner.

This is a detailed review of the HP Elite X2 docking station

It is also easy to manage these devices from the dock. WiGig Technology is used to connect the wireless dock to the computers. You can be sure of a quick connection over a short distance. You will have the option to connect an HP tablet or notebook running Windows 8/7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 8.1. Because they support the wireless dock and the wiring, Windows Vista operating systems can also be used.

The radio signals can be available in a broad range of frequencies. These signals can travel at high speed over short distances. Speed is best within three meters of communicating devices. The distance between devices causes the connection speed to drop rapidly. The 60 gigahertz spectrum is not able to travel through walls and other objects, so it’s important to take care of this aspect when using it.

Installing the HP Elite X2 docking station

  • You must first unpack the bundle. Make sure you check that each accessory and device is in the package.
  • Connect the AC adaptor to the power connector, which you will find on your wireless dock.
  • Connect all of the power cords to an AC adaptor, and then connect the other end to an electrical outlet.
  • Next, turn the dock to the ON position. If you’d like, you can also connect an external display device cable directly to the port on the wireless dock. The wireless dock supports the dual-mode with a display port and VGA connections.
  • The wireless dock must be placed approximately 4 feet away from your tablet. The wireless dock containers have a 120-degree range.
  • To pair the dock with your tablet, you will need to configure the tablet to automatically connect. The tablet will automatically connect if it is within the range of available connection options. To manage the device, simply click or tap the Intel wireless gigabit Dock manager icon in the system tray.
  • You will then be able to choose the dock you want from the list. To confirm pairing, press the button at the top of the dock.
  • To indicate that the dock has been paired, the wireless light pulse will begin blinking. You can be sure that the pairing has succeeded once it turns solidly white.
  • If the display asks you if you would like to set up the dock’s automatic connection, click “yes”. You also have other options to change the name of your docking station. To do this, go to the system tray. Click or tap the icon you are prompted with immediately.
  • Next, the device manager will open and display the current connection status. Click on dock management, then type in the name of your wireless dock and make any necessary changes in the name field. You must click “yes” when prompted.
  • Both devices have been successfully paired and connected. Now you can move on to your tasks

The bottom line for HP Elite X2 docking stations

The HP docking stations are a great tool for multitasking. However, it can be a tedious task to set up. You can make it easier by following the steps and guidelines mentioned above.

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