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HP Thunderbolt Dock 2 Not Working – What Can You Do?

The first step to fixing an issue with HP thunderbolt Dock G2 is to refer to the manual. Most issues with Thunderbolt Dock G2 are caused by connectivity issues between the docking station (and the device).

Refer to the steps and guidelines below after checking the basic hardware connection.

Why HP Thunderbolt Dock 2 isn’t working

Reason 1.

Sometimes the laptop won’t respond to keystrokes or mouse movements if the user is away from their desk for longer than an hour. If you experience an issue when you are AFK (away) from your keyboard, open the lid and manually push the power button.

The same behavior is seen in semi-sleep mode. You may experience connectivity issues if the laptop is not removed from the dock.

Reason 2.

It connects via USB-C to the external display screen via the display port. This connection works well most of the time. However, it is possible to have problems with the connection or its functioning after a few days. Before you establish the connection, make sure that the Thunderbolt device is authorized by the external device. Follow these steps to do this.

The recommended solution for HP thunderbolt dock G2 not working

Verify the authorization status of your device

Verify the authorization status

Step 1.

Right-click on the Thunderbolt icon that you can see on the system tray

Step 2.

Now select the option for the approved attached devices.

Step 3.

Click on the spot where it says that the Thunderbolt device gets connected.

Step 4.

The dialogue box for Thunderbolt devices approved will now appear on the screen. Simply tap on “approve Thunderbolt Dock span>

Step 5.

If you have lost the dialogue box, it can be reopened. To do this, click on the message icon in the system tray.

You can check the security level option

Check the Security Level Option

You can also resolve the problem by setting the Thunderbolt security option to the display port authentication. Follow these steps to resolve the issue.

Step 1.

Just turn on or restart the computer and press the F10 key that will give you the way to enter the BIOS setup.

Step 2.

Select the advanced menu to see the Thunderbolt options. Select the Thunderbolt security level.

Step 3.

Change the Thunderbolt security option to enable user authentication. The menu will be displayed on the display port and PCI-e.

Step 4.

Select save and exit. Select yes to save the changes and exit the setup. Another alternative authentication method is to use the computer keyboard rather than the external keyboard when entering the BitLocker Pincode.

Run an update


Step 1.

First of all, update Windows( for Windows OS) and ios (for Mac OS)

Step 2.

Then, change the security for the ports by going to the advance option.

Step 3.

There, turn on the port security in the drop-down lists that you get.

Step 4.

Once you have seen this, install the media HXC driver. It is included with the Thunderbolt secure link.

Step 5.

Now, restart your device. The Intel Thunderbolt firmware upgrade is now active.

Step 6.

As soon as this completes, you just have to restart the device again.

There are other options

Step 1.

The manufacturer’s website will show you where to search for the docking station that matches the model name. Visit the HP website. To find the docking station name, type “docking station” After you have done that, click on the “under compatibility”. Click on “show all options” to locate the docking station you are looking for.

Step 2.

Go to the HP consumer website to ensure the AC adaptor works with your docking station. Enter the name of your docking station. Select the manual option, and then tap on the service & maintenance guide. You will need to compare the information on your website about power supply with the information at the bottom of the docking stations.

Step 3.

Clear all connections to the docking station. Turn off the computer and turn off the docking station. Disconnect the devices and unplug the device from the wall plug. You will need to vacuum the device with compressed air to remove any dirt or debris.

Step 4.

After closing the computer, run the “automatic repair”. Once you are done, use the USB drive to access the installation media. Restart the computer. Next, select the language preference. Then go to Troubleshoot Advanced Options to set the “automatic repair now”. Allow the computer to restart for a while. 

Bottom line: HP thunderbolt Dock G2 is not working


By following the steps mentioned above, you can successfully fix the issues regarding HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 not working and enjoy using the docking station like before

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