September 21, 2021

HP Slim Docking Station

Compatibility List for HP Ultraslim Docking Station – Overview

The compatibility list for the HP ultraslim docking stations includes most of the HP notebooks and laptops. The HP ultraslim docking stations are only compatible with the HP Elite notebooks series.

It also allows for the expansion of your display device and network connectivity. You can be sure that you will get the productivity and connectivity you need throughout the day. You can use it with just one click by simply sliding in the side ports.

With the use of 4 USB 3.0 ports, the bi-directional docking station provides high-speed connectivity for USB devices. You can be sure of faster data transmission.

There is also compatibility to the secured connection. The cable will not be included in the product packaging and must be purchased separately.

You can count on the docking station to last for many years thanks to its limited warranty and additional support. You will receive the HP ultraslim docking stations, the power adaptor, and documentation in the box.

Ultraslim Hardware Compatibility

  • The HP Probook 650 G2 Notebook Computer is compatible with the HP ultraslim docking station.
  • This also works on the HP Probook 650G3 Notebook PC.
  • Compatible with HP EliteBook 820 G1 Notebook HP Elitebook 820 G1 Notebook HP Elitebook 820 G1 Notebook HP Elitebook, HP Elitebook Folio, HP Elitebook Folio, HP Elitebook 820 G1 Laptop PC, HP Elitebook Folio, HP Elitebook Folio, HP Elitebook Folio, HP Elitebook revolve type 810, G1 and G2 tablets.
  • It is compatible with HP Z Book 14 mobile workstations and EliteBook Folio, Elitebook Revolve ProBook, ProBook, ProBook, Z Book Mobile workstations.

Now that you know more about the compatibility list for HP ultraslim docking stations, let’s take an in-depth look at the top HP ultraslim charging stations and the list with compatible notebooks.

1. Ultraslim G2 docking station

HP Ultraslim Docking Station

This docking station shares compatibility with EliteBook Notebook Computers720, 740, and 745. This docking station has the great advantage of having a lock slot that is compatible with it. It also works with many tablet PCs.

2. Ultraslim 2013 with 65W adaptor

This product has been professionally designed and tested for efficiency and performance. It is compatible with Elitebook 725, 740, and 745. It is compatible with Elitebook revolve and Pro, Elitebook Folio, ProBook, Z book Mobile, and 850.

The HP Ultraslim Docking Station has many benefits

The HP ultraslim docking stations can be purchased with the port’s connectivity support. This includes the line in Jack as well as the light output jack. The computer docking station, monitor, and display port 1.2 are now compatible with the USB 3.0/DisplayPort 1.2.

You will enjoy its high speed and many other amazing features. The battery and power unit are 18.5 volts and the device is approximately 0.76 kg. Security management is enhanced by the HP docking station cable lock and the simplified locking mechanism.

You will have the highest-quality security options to lock the docking stations. For additional security, only use the Notebook and the docking station. The industry-standard Notebook lock will be included. This makes it stand out.

This docking station has the great advantage of being compatible with business laptops, business monitors, HP Care Pack services, business tablets, and security as well as protection and workstations.

Compatibility list for HP ultraslim docking stations

This docking station from HP Ultraslim is compatible with many HP devices, making it an ideal product for multitasking. This unit’s great feature is that it makes it easy to align the computer and secure the connection to the docking station.

This docking station is highly adaptable and flexible to meet all your connectivity and productivity needs. Keep checking this space to see more reviews and updates on your favorite gadgets.

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