Intervalometer For Nikon D3500


Shooting Interval Timer on Nikon D5300

What is the internal timer for shooting?

Nikon interval camera shooting lets you capture subject or object images as they change over time. This is also known as time-lapse photography. You don’t need to be concerned about this as your Nikon can set the shutter or release it in multiple intervals, ranging from seconds up to hours. It doesn’t take much effort to press the shutter button all the time. The feature is available to you and you can then use it easily.

Interval timer shooting is easy

Interval timer shooting d5300 

Step 1. Setting

Make sure you set the release mode to quiet shutter or single frame. The fastest way to access the settings is to press the Release button on the camera’s front left.

Step 2. Display

Highlight the interval timer shooting in the shooting menu.

Nikon d5300 interval timer shooting

Step 3. Starting the time

You must highlight now when you start to set up your capture sessions

You can set a later time by highlighting the time you choose.

Step 4 Press the multi-selector to bring up the capture setup screen.

interval timer shooting d5300

You will see the values that appear at the bottom of your screen. These will be displayed as text.

Start time,

Interval timer (that’s between shots)

The number of times (which includes the total number of recorded frames).

When you choose now, the start time option will be dimmed and highlighted.

Step 5 The fifth step is to create a recording session

The little value box will appear at the top of the screen. The highlighted box corresponds to or explains the setting highlighted at the bottom. This is an active option.

To cycle through the box of values, press a multi-selector left or right. To change the value in a specific box, press the multi selector up/down.

These are a few of the things that you should remember

  • The interval and start times are calculated using a 24-hour clock. This information is based upon the date and time you entered when the camera was set up. It can be found in the lower corner.
  • Open the left column box to set the interval option. You should make sure the interval value is longer than the usual shutter speed.
  • For the start time option, you can only set the hour and minute values

Step 6 Multi-selector

interval timer shooting Nikon d5300

The screen will display the on/off options.

Step 7 Highlight and press OK.

The selection you made in step 3 as a start-time option is now. The first shot will be taken in approximately 3 seconds. If you have set a delayed start, the camera will display a message saying Timer Active for a few seconds.

interval timer shooting d5300

Keep these things in mind

  1. The card access light blinks when there is an interval timer shooting.
  2. The interval timer is not available for live view photography and effects exposure.
  3. While the interval sequence is being played, you won’t have the ability to adjust the camera settings.

Interval timer photography is a fascinating concept that’s easy to use. Technology can only take a photographer so far. Your creativity and innovative thinking are what will make the difference. Consider a chronological transformation when choosing an object for interval time photography.

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