Is a Chromebook The Same As A Laptop


Comparison between a Chromebook & a Laptop – Overview

What’s the difference between Chromebook and Laptop? Both these portable computers have the same design and build. They can be used as you wish. You might find yourself in trouble if you think about their similarities and differences.

Chromebooks are Google’s new laptops and they are very different from regular laptops. Chromebooks are a whole new breed of faster and budget friendly laptops. The Chrome web browser runs the operating system. Operating systems like Windows and Mac OS control laptops.

What’s the difference between a Chromebook & a Laptop? An Overview

What’s the difference between a Chromebook & a Laptop? An Overview

Let’s first understand what a Chromebook is and how it differs from a Laptop before we move on.

What is Chromebook?

The Chromebook is a completely different OS. It can only be used with an Internet connection. Chrome is very lightweight and serves basic functions. Chrome doesn’t need a lot RAM or heavy processing power. They rely instead on Google apps and cloud services for their functionality.

Chromebook, an affordable laptop, is very popular among educators due to its simplicity and sleek design. Chrome OS is a Windows-like laptop that can store everything, including photos, music, maps and office. This gives Google, Gmail and Docs the best. The best part is that the Chromebooks get automatically updated where you need not worry about downloads and manual updates.

What is a Laptop?

The laptop is a portable computer that has all the capabilities of a desktop computer. The laptop is powered by a battery that includes a trackpad, keyboard and trackball. It is compatible with both Windows OS and Mac OS. They also have enough RAM and processing power to perform complex tasks easily.

There are many similarities between Chromebooks and laptops

Laptops and Chromebooks are roughly equal in several areas. These areas are:

  • Battery Life

Both Chromebooks and Laptops have longer battery life. Because Chromebooks have a simplified operating system, they don’t drain as quickly. Laptops have bigger batteries.

  • Portability

Chromebooks are lightweight and portable because they are thin. There are many sizes and weights of laptops, but most Chromebooks-sized models come in Chromebook-size.

  • Durability

Chromebooks are durable because they have sturdy keyboards and frames.

What’s the difference between a Chromebook & a Laptop? All You Need to Know

Six main differences between a Chromebook & a Laptop

If you are unsure about the differences and want to make the best choice, take a look at these points.

1. Operating System

OS is the main difference! The OS is what makes laptops different.

Chromebooks are compatible with Google’s Chrome OS (the stripped version of Chrome web browser).

2. Cloud

Chrome Operating System, which is cloud-based, is a Chrome web browser that offers additional functionalities. It relies on Google’s Gmail and Docs, Maps, Drive, and doesn’t require a lot of processing power.

Laptops, on the other hand require lots of RAM in order to function properly and also have solid-state drives and disk drives.

3. Storage

Chromebooks are not designed for offline use so specifications don’t really matter. You don’t need a hard drive because everything is stored in Google Drive. Folders, as well files, can also be stored in the cloud. It can also augment storage with SD or USB cards when necessary.

Laptops need disk drives or high performance SSDs to store data.

4. Microsoft Office

Chrome OS is a web-based OS that doesn’t permit downloading applications. It is therefore not possible to install Microsoft Office Suite on a Chromebook. On a Chromebook, Microsoft’s cloud-based PowerPoint and Outlook, Word, Excel, and Word can all be used. Chrome’s native Google sheets, docs and Excel alternatives are better than Word.

5. Speed and accessibility

Chromebooks load in a shorter time and take less time. They cannot be connected to a printer using a Wi-Fi connection or USB port. They can instead be used with Google Cloud Print-ready printers.

You can access laptops directly, but they are slower than Chromebooks.

6. PC Games

Chromebooks cannot run your favorite PC games. Laptops can handle them well.

What’s the difference between a Chromebook & a Laptop? – Learn More!


Although both Chromebooks and laptops look very similar, the main difference is in the operating system.

Chromebooks run Chrome OS on Chromebooks, while laptops use Windows. Chromebooks are not suitable for everyone as they can only be used online. They are however easier to set-up and use. They are therefore a great fit for education. Laptops can also be used to run advanced software programs, making them more productive in business.

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