kaptiwa 2.0 Review


Kaptiwa 2.0 Review

Kaptiwa is a video hosting and marketing platform that beautifully displays HD videos on any web, store, page, or screen. Kaptiwa 2.0 is now even bigger, stronger, and more strong.

If a picture is worth 1000 words, a video is worth 1.8 million words. And businesses are well aware of this, because every business is going CRAZY with videos in order to engage and acquire new leads and sales. However, making a good video is only half the fight won; if your videos take too long to buffer and play, your potential customers will look for other choices.

Furthermore, though creating videos is easy, hosting them is costly, as you either have to pay large monthly fees to video hosting providers such as Wistia, Vimeo, and others, or you risk losing your traffic to irritating ads or other people’s videos on YouTube. However, two well-known marketers, Todd Gross and Dr. Amit Pareek, have created a powerful solution, Kaptiwa 2.0, which they are offering for a one-time-only price to a select group of founder members.

Kaptiwa 2.0 Review

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to captivate every visitor to your Kaptiwa 2.0 videos:

  • Step 1: Upload one or more videos at a time and wait for the programme to optimise them for delivery on any browser and computer.
  • Step 2: Customize the Beautiful Player’s look and feel in just a few clicks to use it for your brand or monetize it by adding your clickable affiliate connect, lead forms, or purchase buttons to sell your goods and services right within the videos.
  • Step 3: Publish: Your Videos, Channels, and Playlists to allow HD video to be played on any landing page, website, or mobile, and watch your customer engagement and sales soar for Profits.

And you can do it easily with Kaptiwa 2.0, which allows you to create your own video channels and playlists as well as sell online courses to benefit from one of the fastest growing markets. You will charge your clients recurring fees for hosting and delivering their sales, explainer, demo, or training videos on their E-Learning Sites, Gym, Spa, School, Churches, and other websites, blogs, and ecommerce stores. Get it as soon as possible at a reduced price and kickstart your video hosting and marketing services.

Kaptiwa 2.0 Overview

Kaptiwa 2.0 is a one-time-price video hosting and marketing software that helps you sell more and provide faster training. It is Battle-Tested Technology, and over 1300 business owners have already put it to the test and find it to be superior to any world-class expensive service provider. It also gives you full control of your video marketing, with no chance of losing valuable video content or traffic. It’s an important marketing tool for Info-Sellers, Business Coaches, Freelancers, Agency Owners, and many others..

Kaptiwa 2.0 Features

  • Lightning FAST Video Hosting & Marketing Software
  • Play Elegant Videos on Any Site, Page or Device
  • Upload UNLIMITED sales, training, client prospecting or informative videos
  • Sell more products or services, get more visitor engagement & more customer satisfaction
  • Capture unlimited leads from Your Videos
  • FREE Hosting! No Hosting Costs! (Up to 250 GB Bandwidth/month!)
  • Get an Attractive Video Player with Complete Customization
  • 100% Mobile Responsive Video Pages and Player
  • HLS player- Optimized to work on all devices
  • Stunning Promo & social Templates for Extra Monetization & Traffic
  • Seamless Integration with Top Autoresponders
  • A-Z complete video training included
  • Have 100% control on your TRAFFIC – no traffic leakage with unwanted related videos
  • Robust & Proven Solution
  • Get Max engagement, max conversions, max sales & leads
  • Super-Fast Delivery (After All, Time Is Money!) No Buffering. No Delay. Get Up To 20% More Conversions
  • Put Your Videos On ANY Website, Landing Page, Online Shop Or Membership Site In Just 3 Easy Steps
  • Maximize Visitor Engagement with Ad-Free Videos
  • Add Videos in MP4 format
  • Precise analytics to see how videos are performing
  • Get More Leads with Premium Lead Generation Templates
  • Full feature drag and drop editor to edit templates
  • ZERO Technical Skills Required. It’s 100% Newbie friendly
  • 50+ More cool features to captivate your videos.
  • Plus Free Commercial Licence When You Get Started Today

What Kaptiwa 2.0 Can do for you

  • Use Kaptiwa 2.0 to host and showcase limitless events: With Kaptiwa 2.0, there are no limitations to what you can do and earn money. You can upload an unlimited number of videos and collect an unlimited number of leads from an unlimited number of users.
  • The Player is Ultra-Light and Attractive, and it Works on Any Device: It’s also absolutely customizable to suit your exact needs. HLS Player is 100% mobile sensitive and perfectly designed to play videos on all screens.
  • More Sales with Lightning-Fast Loading Speed: They ensured that the videos would play without buffering or interruption on any mobile or desktop computer, using the smallest amount of internet bandwidth possible at all times.
  • People Would Want to See Your Videos on Kaptiwa 2.0 (Not Other People’s Stuff!) so you’ll have 100% control over your TRAFFIC – no traffic leakage of unnecessary related videos!
  • Using ad-free videos to increase visitor engagement: Being ad-free means you won’t irritate your viewers… Visitors who are irritated are unlikely to purchase. Plus, you’ll never lose your hard-earned traffic to other people’s deceptive advertising.
  • Upload Kaptiwa 2.0 videos to ANY website, landing page, online shop, or membership site: Simply copy and paste 1 line of Embed Code to publish your videos wherever you want. Here are a few examples of how you can put them to work for you.
  • Have your own advertisements and call-to-actions in your videos: You’re still sending your traffic to the ONE and ONLY location where it belongs… Sell your goods, support an affiliate deal, or gather leads directly inside the videos anywhere on the internet with YOUR OWN Deals or exclusive promos.
  • Done-for-You is a word that means “done for you.” Templates for high-converting ads: Premium Lead Generation Models can help you capture as many leads as possible. You’ll also get Stunning Promo & Social Media Templates for increased monetization and traffic.
  • Edit Ad Templates with a Drag and Drop Editor in a Few Clicks: With this simple and free flow editor, you can customise your ad templates to your liking. Make your advertising more appealing without needing any design or coding skills. It’s mind-boggling.
  • With precise analytics, you’ll still know how you’re doing. To boost your marketing campaigns and achieve better results, understand your numbers.
  • Enhances the look of your videos: Make Engaging Thumbnails to get the most out of your visitors.
  • Full HDR support in MP4 video format: Add MP4 videos to optimise them for delivery at lightning speeds on any device, with complete HDR support.
  • Completely SEO Optimized Video & Video Page: For better ranking, give your video a Meta title, Definition, KWs, and thumbnail picture. With a few taps, you can also disable search engines by setting No follow or No index.
  • Easily Go Viral with Social Sharing: On the Kaptiwa 2.0 Video Page, get a large number of visitors interested in what you have to say and encourage visitors to share your videos on top social media sites for viral traffic and leads.
  • Easy to Use and Intuitive with Step-by-Step Instructions: Toddler-Friendly and Simple-to-Use Dashboard NO TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE IS Needed. It’s absolutely beginner-friendly. A detailed video training programme is included to walk you through each step of the process.Visit Official Website

Kaptiwa 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I be able to use Kaptiwa 2.0 if I am not a technical whiz? Answer: Yes, my friend, Kaptiwa 2.0 is fully user-friendly. They are aware that most software has a number of technical issues, but their software is a step above the rest, and anyone can use it with ease.
  • Is Kaptiwa 2.0 up to date with all social media guidelines? Answer: Yes, their programme adheres to all regulations and compliances. They work hard to ensure that they obey all of the requisite rules and regulations. Nonetheless, they advise all users to exercise extreme caution while using any/all social media platforms.
  • Is it true that my investment is risk-free? Answer: They understand the importance of your money. You can rest easy knowing that your money is as secure as homes. They do, however, want to make it clear that they do not give a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Before demanding a refund, you must have a legitimate explanation and evidence that you followed all of the steps.
  • Is this 2.0 compatible with Windows and Mac? Answer: YES, absolutely. Kaptiwa 2.0 is already cloud-based, as they’ve reported. As a result, it runs directly on the internet and is compatible with all browsers and computers.
  • If you have any monthly charges? Answer: Definitely not. During the launch phase, there are no monthly costs to use it. At this time, you just have to pay once. They really believe in giving you the most bang for your buck.
  • Will I receive any training or assistance for my concerns? Answer: YES, absolutely. They created informative and step-by-step training videos that walk you through each step of the setup process and are available in the member’s section.
  • Is it appropriate for me to download and instal Kaptiwa 2.0 somewhere? NO! says the answer. It’s entirely cloud-based. You create an account and can instantly begin working online. Kaptiwa 2.0 is a cloud-based platform that is entirely web-based. You’ll never have to download anything again!
  • Please wait. What sets Kaptiwa 2.0 apart from the other resources on the market? Answer: They won’t say anything about their app, but they can assure you that it’s a never-before-seen technology that will allow you to add a personalised touch to your videos by notifying each website visitor and increasing their attention levels.
    Please wait. So, am I able to host an unlimited number of videos? Answer: Yes, you can use unlimited images, leads, views, and plays, but since they have to pay high architecture costs, they set a bandwidth consumption cap of 250GB/m, which is offered for 5 years at a one-time charge if you buy the bestseller.
  • Please wait. What would the costs of using it be after five years? Answer: For founder members who purchase the Kaptiwa 2.0 5-Year Plan, they can receive a 50% discount on the most recent monthly price when renewing their 5-Year membership.

Kaptiwa 2.0 Bonus Package

Special Bonuses for the MR PERFECT Audience: You’ll get all of the incentives listed on the Salespage, but I’ll also give you a SPECIAL bonus. If you download Kaptiwa 2.0 via any of the links on this list, you’ll also receive my bonus bundle worth $2500. My bonus kit, believe me, will save you time, money, and make your life a little easier!

                             Check Out The Huge Bonuses You’ll Get FREE

                                                  Total Value : $2500+

Bonus #1: 50 HD Video Backgrounds


Bonus #2: 150 Royalty Free High Quality Music Tracks

Neon Music Sign

150 Royalty Free High Quality Original Music Tracks For You To Use In Your Marketing Efforts!


Bonus #4: WP Video Optin


Bonus #5: Video Portfolio Theme


This Video Portfolio WordPress theme includes done-for-you slides, graphics, and buy buttons, which makes it perfect if you sell powerful videos package to both online and offline clients.

Bonus #6: 10 Video Thumbnails


Get more views and traffic from your YouTube or Vimeo videos by using these highly engaging video thumbnails. Your videos will absolutely standout from the search results or in all web pages where you are adding them

Bonus #7: Video Script


Create compelling marketing videos with ease! Earning sales and generating leads can now be done really fast with our Do-it-for-You Video Script. Your videos engages your viewers and compels them to take action!

Bonus #8: 15 DFY Videos


Get over 15 commercial grade Done-For-You videos that you can use for your business or for your clients. Each comes with complete resell and whitelabel rights.

Bonus #9: Smart Video Sales Letters


Discover the proven sales video formula responsible for 6 figures in profits online… Learn to craft highy persuasive, super compellling – cash sucking video sales letters.

Bonus #10: 20 Background Images


With these 20 professionally background images. If you are looking for the best graphics to spruce up your website, these are the ones you need!

Bonus #11: Video Alchemy


Video Alchemy is a new video editing programme that allows you to create fully unique videos by viewing your images and graphics and converting the audio and text to the language and accent you want.

Bonus #12: Video Marketing Blueprint


Who else wants to use videos to market their business and generate massive leads starting today? You don’t need amazing video making or recording skills to even begin!

Bonus #13: Video Rank Alliance


Learn about the simple but powerful techniques to rank your videos on YouTube quickly & easily. Totally newbie friendly, no experience needed. Just follow the simple steps.

Bonus #14: WP Magic Page


Bonus #15: Viral Video Box


Viral video box plugin for WordPress allows you to brand audio and video players with your logo. You can even add time stamp callouts too (optinns, CTAs and other pop ups.)

Bonus #16: YouTube Cash on Demand

Bonus #17: Youtube Bully 2 Case Study


If you want to actually figure out how to get top Google rankings and earn the money you deserve, this is the book for you.
This case study will teach you how to do it correctly.
You will learn how to rank high on Google for highly competitive keywords in the Youtube Bully 2 Case Study.
Why is it so much easier to rate Youtube videos than normal websites?
Why is video marketing the simplest way I’ve discovered to make money?

Bonus #18 : Youtube Video Mastery


Learn how to use YouTube to earn passive income, monetize your videos & most importantly create compelling video content specifically for your YouTube videos.

Bonus #19 : Video Marketing Hack


Bonus #20: How To Generate 10,000 Views On Youtube


Bonus #21: Tube Ads Genie



Literally Force Visitors Who Watch Videos On Your Site To Click on YOUR ADS Bringing You Commissions & Sales On Complete AUTOPILOT

Bonus #22: Video Affiliate PRO


Bonus #23: Quick Guide To WordPress SEO


Bonus #24: WP Easy Optin Pro Plugin


The easiest way to add email blocks to any blog page in your wordpress theme.
An effective way to increase your mailing list through blog posts.

Bonus #25: Ultimate Minisite Templates


Bonus #26: SEO Stone Plugin


Just 2 simple steps to get these bonuses

  1. Click here to download Kaptiwa 2.0 right now, or use any of the links on this list.
  2. Your bonuses will be delivered to you through your JVZoo Purchases Dashboard, Warriorplus, and other similar platforms.
  3. If you can’t find them, please give the receipt to [email protected]. I’ll assist you.

                                 What, You Want More? Since You Asked…


                      CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE BONUSES !!!

Bonus #27: Video Ad Placer


Display custom ads and messages at specific video play times with this WordPress plugin. Engage your customers like never before with this plugin

Bonus #28: VidAnalytics 


This Video Analytics Plugin is a companion solution to Google Analytics to provide you with tracking for videos embedded on your blog.

Bonus #29: Youtube Squeeze Pages


Bonus #30: Video Support Force


Discover How You Can Quickly and Easily Create Video Training Centers For Your Products…That Will Lower Support Tickets, Lower Refund Rates, Create High Stick Rates, And Let You Run Your Business On Autopilot! Bonus #33: Instagram Traffic


For the very first time… You’ll discover how to use Instagram to build viral hype for items that people can go crazy for… See, unlike Facebook users, Instagram followers will see every single post you make, bringing in traffic, and once you master a few golden never-before-seen secrets, you’ll be MILES AHEAD of the competition.

Bonus #31: Pinterest Perfection

Bonus-_2-MPBonus #32: Finally Drive Huge Traffic from Facebook and Profit!


Finally Drive Huge Traffic from Facebook and Profit!


Learn how you can achieve 50% open rates & 30% click rates from all your emails.

Bonus #34: Low Cost Web Traffic Surge


Bonus #35: Lead Avalanche


Bonus #36: Instant Traffic Mastery


Bonus #37: Like, Share & Follow

large_8527_01 (1)

Here’s Your 30-Day Guide To Social Media Marketing Mastery! With clear, tested tactics, you’ll learn how to use social media more effectively and extend your reach! What is the concept of social media? Most of us are now familiar with some of the most popular social networking sites, but what exactly are they? The word “social networking” refers to the way people communicate, exchange, and generate knowledge through the use of a virtual network and group.

Bonus #38: Video Sales Factory


Bonus #39: Video Sales Ads Made Easy


Bonus #40: Social Signals for SEOsocial signals for seo

Bonus #41: 50+ Niche Pack


Bonus #42: Wp Local Business Plugin


In Seconds, a Simple System Creates Social-Powered Business Landing Pages! All You Need To Build A Killer Professional Business Landing Page In Minutes! This system is for anyone who wants to get a complete business landing page site up and running in minutes without having to instal a large, cumbersome application.

Bonus #43: Uber Optin plugin


Bonus #44: Membership Income Course


Bonus #45: WP Members Pro


Bonus #46: Interview with membership expert Dennis Becker


Bonus #47: Social boost plugin


Bonus #48: Wp EZ Share It Plugin


New Powerful, Off-The-Grid WP Plugin Allows Users To Share Your Images And Videos Of Your Blog And Link Them Back To You…Generating A Tsunami Of Traffic To YOUR Blog!


                                      Your turn

“It’s a fantastic deal. “Should I Invest Right Now?”

You’re not only getting Kaptiwa 2.0 for the best price ever ( 25% off right now! ), but you’re still spending completely risk-free.

Kaptiwa 2.0 comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Your happiness is assured when you choose Kaptiwa 2.0. If you’re not fully happy with it within the first 30 days for some reason, you can get a full refund – no questions asked. There’s nothing to lose! So, what exactly are you waiting for? Now is the time to try Kaptiwa 2.0 and get the following bonus!


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