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How to remove devices from Wi-Fi router

Once someone has been given the credentials to your Wi-Fi, they can join your network from any device they wish. If your internet connection is jammed full of devices, you may experience slow speeds or complete blackouts.

This is why it is important to learn how to delete devices from Wi-Fi routers. This is also a way to limit the websites that can be accessed through your network, like those that post pornographic content. To control how much time your children spend online, you can also learn how to delete devices from Wi-Fi routers. This feature can be used remotely via an app or login page to the router even if you’re not home. Smart routers offer more features that you can customize to manage multiple devices that are connected to your network. If you are not very familiar with routers take a look at how to choose a Wi-Fi router to decide the one that’s best for your specific needs.

There is a danger that too many devices could be connected to your network and use spyware. These devices can spy on a network and steal sensitive information, such as bank details.

You must take control of your network and only give details to people you trust. This article will discuss some of the methods you can use to remove devices from your network, including password changes and configuring the mac address.

Here are some steps to take if you want to know how to remove devices from your Wi-Fi router

Change your Wi-Fi Passcode

This is the simplest and most secure way to make your Wi-Fi connection password change on the router. This will force you to disconnect all your devices from the Wi-Fi network. To rejoin Wi-Fi, you will need to enter the new passcode on each of your devices.

This will require you to access your router’s configuration settings. Sign in to modify your Wi-Fi password and the Wi-Fi name.


It’s not easy to connect multiple devices to the same network if you have many. This is, however, the best way to get rid of devices from Wi-Fi routers. Without the passcode, you can’t connect to the Wi-Fi.

Use Mac Address Sifting to Your Router

Many routers have an access control function that allows you to monitor which devices are allowed to connect to your Wi-Fi. Every wireless device has a unique mac address. Some routers allow you to blacklist devices with a particular MAC address so that they are not connected.

Many routers let you create a whitelist that allows you to block access to any connected devices in the future. However, not all routers offer this feature. This option, regardless of whether it is available, is not foolproof.

A person with your Wi-Fi password could change their gadget’s MAC addresses to match an acceptable one and take its place in your network. When linking physical devices, you will need to enter MAC addresses. Hackers can join any time.

Allow Parental Controls for Your Router

You can automate the process to allow you to grant internet access to your children’s devices if you wish. Many routers have parental controls built in that perform similar roles.

These configurations can be found on the Parental Controls Page or in the router’s Security Suite. Although the configuration of each router is different, you can still use basic parental controls to control what your children can see on a router.

You can also restrict streaming and texting, as well as set time limits. You can set it up to restrict your child’s internet access after 11 pm. You can also remove devices from Wi-Fi routers using parental controls.

Use the Guest Network Feature

You can make it easier for guests to connect to Wi-Fi by creating a guest Wi-Fi network. A guest network provides an isolated internet access point.

Your Wi-Fi connection name might be “John @ Home”, and the guest network would be called “John @ Home – Guest”. This will prevent your guest from accessing the main network. Another option is to delete devices from the Wi-Fi router.

This feature is available on several routers. A different passcode is used for the guest network. You can change the passcode for the visitor network without changing your primary network passcode.

Final Thoughts on How to Remove Devices From Wi-Fi Router

You need to be vigilant about your internet security and know-how to unplug devices from Wi-Fi routers. You could be in serious trouble if you don’t plug the security holes in your Wi-Fi router at home or work. Any illegal activity in your network can be traced back down to the router.

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