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How do I connect 2 monitors to my Lenovo laptop?

Multiple monitors are a great way to increase productivity and achieve the desired results in any task. A set of guidelines has been provided by various laptop manufacturers to make connecting external monitors to your laptop easy. 

Still, if you are puzzled with the question – how do I connect 2 monitors to my Lenovo laptop, following methods and instructions are there to help you out.

Things you must check connecting 2 monitors to Lenovo laptop

Dual monitors are now supported by the new Windows laptops. You must ensure that your Windows operating system type is XP, 7, 8, or 10. 

You must also check that the graphics card supports multiple monitors. You can connect external monitors easily to your laptop by checking the specifications. 

Next, check the ports available on your laptop. The interface for audio high-definition content protection is the display port.

You can connect to your laptop via ports such as VGA, DVI, and HDMI. Extra adapters are sometimes required for laptops with missing interfaces, such as the DVI-to HDMI adaptor. Other options, such as the docking station and display splitter can be used to help with the same task.

How can I connect two monitors to my Lenovo laptop?

Method 1.Setting up using HDMI port

How do I connect 2 monitors to my Lenovo laptop via HDMI port

First, connect the cable from the external monitor to your laptop’s video port. Next, connect the cable from the second external monitor with the correct port on the laptop. 

Proceed to right-click an empty spot on the desktop of your laptop. Click on Display Settings if you’re using Windows 10. If you’re using Windows 8/7, click on screen resolution. Let’s now move to the next step. 

There are three display options available, with the numbers 1 through 3. They all work in display mode. The external monitors are displayed on displays 2 and 3.

Moving to the next step, you have to click the display 2 > select extend the desktop to this display available in multiple displays and then > click apply

Now go to display 3, > select extend the desktop to this display in the portion for multiple displays > click apply


To finish the settings, click OK and you can then use the three monitors of your laptop. 

For the arrangement, you can click and drag the display, change the size of items, and orientation.

Method 2.Switching between display modes

How do I connect 2 monitors to my Lenovo laptop – display mode

Multiple monitors can be used with Windows easily. Simply plug your monitor into the correct port on the computer, and you can then extend the desktop onto it. Drag and drop windows between the monitors. 

The Windows logo key +P on the keyboard. Select the option that you want to use, such as PC screen only, extend or duplicate, or the second only screen.

Configuration of the display settings-

Go to the display section in the control panel, right-click on any area of the desktop and then click on the options screen size. You will also find the option display options in Windows 10. Click on identify to ensure that the numbers are displayed correctly. 1. refers to the primary display. 

Next, click or drag the number boxes to reorganize the displays. 

In the next step, click the multiple displays drop-down list > select the menu to duplicate these displays or extend these displays.

Method 3. Using a docking station

How can I connect two monitors to my Lenovo laptop- docking station?

The Docking station is required to set up multiple monitors on your latest Lenovo laptop with Thunderbolt 3 ports. You just need to plug in your laptop and monitors to the docking station. 

These docks have a DisplayPort or HDMI port. The USB C-to DisplayPort cable, or the USB C-to HDMI cable, can be used to connect the second monitor to the dock. 

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