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Lenovo ThinkPad Dual Monitor Setup 

It is very easy to set up a dual monitor Lenovo ThinkPad. These are the steps to connect your Lenovo to 2 monitors. A hybrid USB-C Lenovo docking station is a fast and reliable option. Hey! You can get it on Amazon(

Before you move on, ensure that you have all the accessories you need, such as HDMI connectors and video ports.

Recommendations for Lenovo ThinkPad dual-monitor setup

Method 1. Establishing connection via external connectors

Lenovo ThinkPad Dual Monitor Setup

Visit the official website of the manufacturer to get a better idea of where and what connectors are available for your laptop.

Step 1.  Open the dialog box

To open the project dialog, start by pressing F7 on your keyboard. For opening the project dialog box, use the keys Windows logo +P.

Step 2. Select screen sharing options

You can choose from screen sharing options such as duplicate, extend, or the second screen only if you are using an external monitor.

After connecting your Lenovo laptop to an external monitor, Windows will automatically choose the right display resolution. You can adjust the display settings manually if you encounter resolution issues.

Method 2. Lenovo Dual Monitor Setup by Using Other Ports

Step 1. Check the Available Ports

Lenovo ThinkPad Dual Monitor Setup – Check Ports

Before you start pushing wires into your laptop’s rear ports or around the edges, make sure to stop and inspect those ports.

While most modern PCs have an HDMI port, older PCs often highlight a variety of ports.

HDMIHigh Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a port for PCs that transmits uncompressed sound and video.

Display Port – A Display Port is a better video port than the seasoned VGA or DVI ports. In reality, HDMI ports are much more popular.


DVI Digital Visual Interface (DVI) was originally a cutting-edge solution to the second-class VGA port. Many more experienced PCs use one of a handful of DVI ports.

Thunderbolt: A Thunderbolt port can bring many upgrades including Display Port and PCI Express. Outside displays can also be operated using independent power sources when necessary.

VGA blue VGA port is a common feature on older PCs. The 15-pin VGA port is best for PC video, but modern video ports such as Thunderbolt or HDMI are better.

If there are two ports on your computer, the video card will usually be able to deliver a yield sign for both.

Your work area might have openings that allow you to add more video cards. No matter how small the port is, it’s important to verify that you have access to suitable video card openings.

Another option is to purchase and use perfect docking stations for workstations. This could make your computer a docking station that has at least two ports. If you need a dual-screen PC, it is a good idea to get design cards.

Step 2. Check Your Video Card Settings

Go to the section Display Settings > Multiple Displays. Screens are labeled disabled, primary, or secondary.

Next, you’ll see the properties of the adaptor display. Select the number of monitors that you have plugged in.

If you have more than one monitor, your graphics card can display multiple monitors.

Step 3. Checking the graphics card

Lenovo Thinkpad Dual Monitor Setup – graphics card

You should check the graphics card if you are unsure if the computer supports external monitors.

Search for the brand name on your graphics card, then click on Start Menu > Type in Display Manager > Open the Display Manager.

Summarising it all

If you face any issues setting up a dual monitor using your Lenovo laptop just get a Lenovo docking station. You will have a more reliable connection with your dual monitors by using a Lenovo docking station.

Follow the above steps to quickly set up the Lenovo Thinkpad Dual Monitor System

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