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LG Smart TVs at the Best

What makes a TV smart? Your smart TV’s capabilities will answer that question. Smart TVs are distinguished by their ability to connect to the Internet. Smart TVs are equipped with both an Ethernet port as well as and integrated WiFi. This allows them to connect with all your accounts and devices and provides greater functionality than regular TVs. These TV sets not only allow you access your cable content but also allow you to record and live play large numbers of shows. You can also surf popular apps such as YouTube or Netflix with these TV sets. If your TV has the capability, these TV sets can play HD games and deal with 4K content. To get the best deal on a smart TV, it is important to compare the specifications and features to the quoted price. Here’s a list of the top three LG smart TV models and a comparison table for all of their specs and features to help you make a decision.

LG 55UM7300PUA Alexa Built-in 55” 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

This smart TV is equipped with the LG Smart Platform ThinQ AI smart television. This TV has Full HD 1920x 1080 resolution and a flat IPS panel screen display. It also features a slim, sleek body with active HDR. It measures 108cm in size and offers a wide viewing angle. Active noise reduction makes it possible to see your videos with incredible quality and vibrant sound quality thanks to the Dolby Digital encoder and DTS Virtual X surround sound. The smart TV can be activated by voice and is equipped with a magic remote that has four modes: universal control, point, wheel, voice. You can browse the internet and perform searches on the device using voice commands. This feature can also be paired with the remote control of your phone, which also responds. You can also enjoy the basic cable connections so you have the best of both the best technology and the best of both. The smart television is extremely energy-efficient and offers a light but powerful design that will make viewing a pleasure. The screen is not as sharp as LCD or LED screens. Also, the warranty is only for one year. This is not a great deal compared to other smart TVs.

best LG smart tv


LG 43LJ554T

This smart TV has webOS. This smart TV is extremely versatile, with expandable memory and multitasking capabilities. Multitasking lets you surf simultaneously and watch on the same device. All it requires is an active internet connection. This device will ensure that you don’t miss any notifications or updates from your phone, even if you’re watching TV or playing games on it. Magic Mobile Connection is a unique feature that makes this device a powerful tool for anyone who needs it. It can seamlessly connect with your phone to project any apps or music/video onto the HD high-resolution screen. You can record, replay and replay live plays as well as previous shows. All of this is available in stunning quality that you can view at will. The ultimate relaxation is guaranteed with the ability to stream live play and record it. You can also use this device to keep up with your smartphone’s updates or do some work from your phone. The flat-screen measures 108 cm and features a full HD slim LED, a stunning resolution of 1920X1080 and noise reduction. Virtual surround sound gives you the best experience when watching TV. It can launch apps, play movies, shows, and respond to your smartphone remote control. The TV’s cons include the price and the limited warranty of 1 year.

best LG smart tv

LG’s 43LM6360PTB

This TV comes with the LG smart TV platform, AI ThinQ. This TV features a stunning display with vibrant colours and active HDR. It also has a dynamic colour enhancer that allows you to view premium videos and shows in the best quality possible. AI recognizes your voice and lets you control all the dynamic functions of your smart television using just voice commands. The AI also remembers your content and compiles shows and videos based upon what you are watching regularly. This will help you choose the most entertaining shows. The Quad-Core processor allows this device to run at lightning speed, providing you with incredible performance and exceptional quality. DTS Virtual X is included on this device. This allows you to have smooth, flawless, and multidimensional sound as well as amazing videos and shows. This device boasts amazing technology such as HDR Tone mapping and resolution upscaling. The device has a 1-year warranty, and the quality of the colours isn’t the best among similar devices in the same price range.

These three LG smart TV models are among the most popular. Their technology is amazing and earns LG a place in the top ten of technological fields. LG offers a wide range of amazing products, including smartphones and smart TVs. This is due to the advanced technology that LG includes in all its devices.

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