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Are you unsure which Smart TV to buy? We are here to help you find the best deals and make smart TV investments. Before you decide to invest in any asset, it is important to compare the best brands and the best deals. We present the comparison between LG and Sony, the GIANTS in the smart TV industry. Both companies recently produced amazing smart TVs for their customers. Before you jump to conclusions, take a look at this article.

LG 32LH604T 32 INCH Led

This LG 32 Inch Smart TV is one of the most popular models. It has full Wifi, 2 USB ports, and 3 HDMI ports. The TV supports a variety of audio experiences and has incredible audio quality. It has amazing picture quality and clarity, but it does not support 3D image quality. Inbuilt apps like Youtube, Netflix, and Google Play. The LG 32 Inch LED has voice, gesture, and face recognition.

Pros :

  • It is very light and only weighs 5.32 Kgs
  • Has an amazing Audio system with AAC,AC3(Dolby Digital),DTS,HAAC,HEAAC,MP2,MP3,PCM,WMA.
  • It is a slim LED.


  • Supports only a basic Video Format.


The wide selection of Sony Bravia smart TVs is another great option. There are many models available and each model has a different processor, but we will be focusing on the 32 inch KLV-32W562D LED. It supports all social media apps, including Youtube, Netflix, and Google Play. It supports both 2USB Ports as well as 2HDMI Ports. It has amazing audio quality, supports clarity, and provides a great visual experience.

Pros :

  • Great video format supports 3GP2,AVCHD,AVI,MKV,MOV,MP4,MPEG,MPEG-1.
  • It’s an Edge LED


  • It does not include any special features such as voice, gesture, or facial recognition
  • Weighs in at 6.4Kgs (More than many LEDs).

We will now discuss the different LEDs and their features. A bigger screen will give you a better viewing experience. This is the new generation of 40 and 42 inch LEDs.


It is a full HD 43-inch LED that supports wifi and the internet. You can install games, applications, and web browsers. It weighs in at 8.4Kgs and is available in the standard color Black. The USB ports on the device are only available on one side. It does not support NFC ports. It also offers an incredible audio experience with its great sound system and Video format.

There could have been some improvements in the visual quality. The Slim LED is also available with a stand-in for when you don’t wish to hang the TV. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.

Pros :

  • The 43-inch TV is lightweight even with its stand, weighing only 8.7 Kgs.
  • Offers an IPS panel
  • Mobile phones allow for extended memory.


  • It could have been more vibrant.
  • The brightness of IPS panels is very low


The SONY BRAVIA40 inch is in direct competition to the LG 43 Inch. You might be surprised that it is smaller than the LG 43 Inch in screen size, but its features will not allow for that. The TV set supports internet and Wifi and has 2 USB Ports and 2 HDMI ports. This TV set is FULL HD and offers a relaxing, amazing visual experience.

This TV can be used to access the web browser and other social networking applications. It also includes inbuilt applications such as Youtube, Netflix, and Google Play. It comes with a 2-year warranty and a special power-saving function. Sony Bravia is EDGE LED and can be hung on the wall or placed on a table using the stand.

Pros :

  • Three ANALOG FORMATS, PAL, NTSC, and SECAM, are included in the package
  • Stereo sound type is available for an enhanced experience
  • There is also an X reality Pro Display feature


  • It is quite expensive compared to other options

These are the pros and cons of the top models on the market. You can buy whatever model suits you best but it is important to consider your priorities. An LG LED is a good choice if you’re looking for a low-cost TV, but if you want to have an amazing visual experience, then consider the Sony Bravia LED.

Let’s now discuss the general benefits of buying an LG or SONY LED.

The pros and cons of purchasing an LG SmartTV

  • IPS Panel
  • Remote control for Magic Motion
  • 2-year warranty
  • A very affordable LED

The cons of purchasing a LG Smart TV

  • Some models have a low level of brightness
  • The 4k range is even more expensive than SONY’s.

The pros and cons of purchasing a Sony smart television

  • Amazing brightness feature
  • SONY’s picture quality is superior to any other TVs
  • It boasts a faster and more efficient processing system.
  • 2-year warranty


  • Magic Motion remote control is not supported
  • Budget usually goes beyond the budget

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