Live View Nikon D5300


How to autofocus on Nikon D5300 DSLR for Live View Photography

Nikon D5300 DSLR is the most desired DSLR on the market. The Live View autofocusing options are available on the Nikon D5300. However, these steps will help you use the feature.

How to Autofocus Live View on Nikon D5300 DSLR

  1. Choose the Focus mode or AF-area mode.

When you click the ‘i” button, make sure that both settings are selected via the control strip. It is forbidden to change the exposure mode settings. You will notice that the autofocus system turns on when the Focus mode is set at AF-F. It starts seeing the focus point.

  1. To find the frame in Live View to enable autofocus with Nikon DSLR, you would need to use the Live View

The frame will be red if there is a large Area or a normal area. If you locate a face, the frame will choose the nearest person. The bracket will indicate which face you will be shooting.

  1. A red frame will appear if your camera isn’t focused on the person’s face.

In AF-F mode the red frame will turn green when the subject is in focus. The camera frame will also change color whenever the user resets it.

  1. Make sure you’re focusing on your subject by pressing the multi-selected tool. It can go up or down to help you choose the best frame.

Face-Priority mode allows you to use a yellow focusing frame with a double-lined yellow focus. This will give you the best image of the object you desire by sharing the focus on the right spot.

To navigate from the centre of the frame to the focal point when shooting in Normal Area or Wide Area modes, press OK.

  1. To make subject tracking work, the user must click the OK button.

You can’t make a person static. If they move, stop tracking. Then, reframe the subject as they come back into the frame. To make this happen, press the OK button. After you have properly reframed your picture, press the ok button to stop tracking.

  1. To change the autofocus option in AF-S Focus mode, you will need to hold the shutter halfway down.

The AF-Area mode determines how the frame looks. You will also notice that results may vary depending on the focus mode.

If you don’t disable the beep in the settings, the AF-S will make a small beeping sound. The focus will lock and you need to keep the shutter button pressed halfway. The Custom Setting menu has the Shooting/Display section. You can disable the beep by clicking the Disable button.

The AF-F mode will change the focus to match the subject’s movements. If the center of the frame becomes green, the camera will stop blinking and the focus frame will change to Red. To ensure that your focus frame is locked, make sure you press the shutter button halfway.

  1. Double-check your focus by pressing the zoom button. This will magnify the image you are trying to capture

You will be able to see your subject closer with each press. A small thumbnail will appear in the lower right corner. The highlight box will be yellow and will show you which part of the image it is. You can zoom in and out to get a better view of the subject. You can zoom in to get back to the original size.

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