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Olivia’s Washing Machine Game

Olivia’s washing laundry is an interesting game developed by LPRA STUDIO. For many other games, such as princess room cleanup, black forest baking, the LPRA studio is popular. With 1 million plus downloads, the game is 26 MB in scale. The game’s content level is rated at 3+. The game has been ranked 4.6/5 by Android users with mainly favorable feedback.

For young people, the game is really insightful and educative. The game centers around helping to arrange white and colored clothing for Olivia. You should then iron the cleaned garments and change the character’s wardrobe.


  • Put the dirty clothes in laundry basket
  • Replace unwanted clothes
  • Choose your laundry powder
  • Set the washing machine times as instructed by Olivia
  • Let your laundry dry, use fabric conditioner
  • Iron the washed clothes
  • Dress Olivia according to your choice.

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