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Vloggers Must-Have Camera

Professionals prefer Canon when it comes to purchasing a professional-grade camera. Canon is the most trusted and best-known digital camera manufacturer, offering a wide range of cameras. Professional shooters highly recommend the Canon 90D, which is one of their best-selling DSLR cameras. Below are the specifications and features of Canon 90D Vlogging Guide.

The Canon EOS 90D is the right camera for you vlogging career?

Vloggers who are professionals have one common question: Should I invest in a high-end DSLR camera? To improve your professional growth, you should invest in a premium-end DSLR camera.

Premium-end cameras have many innovative features. They are compatible with lenses and other accessories. This allows you to record professional videos with the required resolution.

Canon EOS 90D features all-new features and compatibility with all accessories and lenses. This is a highly-recommended DSLR for professional work. If you have the funds, the Canon EOS 90D can be a great camera for your Vlogging career.

Canon EOS 90D is the right choice for vloggers

The EOS 90D is the most popular choice for professional users because it can record full 4K videos. The EOS 90D can record full 4K videos, unlike the mid-range DSLR cameras. Professional users who aren’t willing to compromise their work will find it a great option.


The full-width sensor of the camera doesn’t reduce the quality of the recorded video, unlike other cameras. The 4K video will be full edge-to-edge with the 32.5MP APS -C CMOS sensor, 22.3×14.8mm. The DIGIC 8 Image Processor powers it, allowing you to get high-quality images in different modes.

A dual focus auto system allows you to focus on the correct objects while simultaneously recording a video. The system can cover up to 100% of vertical frames and 80% of horizontal frames. Autofocus is excellent at eye and face detection.


The Canon EOS 90D has an ergonomic design that is very similar to previous DLSRs from Canon. Comparing the Canon EOS 90D with other DSLR versions of Canon, you will not notice any significant differences in its design.

It is weather-sealed and made of high-grade materials. The black textured design makes it extremely convenient and comfortable.

Flip LCD Screen

The LCD touchscreen is fully articulated and measures 3 inches. You can flip the built-in touch screen to get a clear view of what is being recorded. The touchscreen allows you to adjust the settings of your camera while you are recording. This is especially useful if you’re recording your own video.

Canon 90D vlogging – flip lcd screen

Raw images

It is a high-end camera with RAW Image Processing. This camera can produce RAW files and instant images in JPEG format. You can adjust the resolution of your camera to suit your needs. You can set the resolution to 1080 pixels or 720 pixels if you don’t wish to record full 4K video. You can also adjust your image capturing capabilities through the settings.

Multiple Lens Support

Canon EOS 90D was designed for professionals. The built-in sensor can support multiple lenses. To meet your video shooting needs, you can easily change the lens.

You can attach accessories to your cameras, such as a tripod or selfie stand. As a safety feature, you will receive a strap to attach the camera.

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