Nikon D3400 Autofocus Settings


How to adjust Nikon D3400 settings in landscape photography

Landscape Photography is a strong area of expertise for the Nikon D3400. We recommend the Nikon D3400 if you want to capture stunning Landscape shots. Nikon D3400 features a 24.2MP DX Format CMOS Sensor, which produces images at a ratio of 6000 to 4000 pixels. The DX sensor is capable of producing images with the equivalent focal length to a full-frame 75mm lens. The Nikkor AF-S DX landscape lens is the best Nikon D3400.

best Nikon D3400 landscape lens

Landscape photography using Nikon D3400


Lens 35.0mm f/1.8 at 35mm

Shutter speed: 1/3200 sec

ISO 100

Step 1.

This mode allows the camera to choose the best settings for itself. To make the image darker or lighter, you can adjust shutter speed, aperture settings, as well as other parameters like exposure compensation.

Step 2.

For optimal light exposure of your landscape photos, you can select from a range ISO settings. As this matches any ISO, you can set your ISO sensitivity to 100. You can keep Auto ISO sensitivity on. This could cause this to be turned off quite often, as in tripod-based work, where you want the same ISO. Maximum sensitivity can reach 3200.

Step 3.

To capture a great landscape photo, a photographer makes a few adjustments to the Autofocus. To assign Fn, select ISO. The recommended setting to assign the AE/AF-L/AF-2 button to AF-1 is highly recommended. This decouples autofocus and your shutter button. You can focus in this case by pressing the AE/AF-L/AFL button. Also known as back-button focused. The shutter-release button AEL must be off. The shutter button AE-L locks your exposure when you press the shutter switch half-press. AF activation should also be OFF.

Step 4.

Shutter priority is the most important setting to consider when shooting landscape photos. After you have chosen the shutter speed, your camera will automatically select the appropriate aperture setting to achieve a good exposure. This is the best choice if your landscape scene features a subject moving. To capture sharp images of moving subjects like waterfalls, you can choose a fast shutter speed. It is 1/200 sec or faster. You can only use the flash built-in or externally for a shutter speed of 1/200 seconds.

Step 5.

When clicking landscape images, you need to choose the correct aperture (f-stop). The camera will automatically select the shutter speed that best exposes your subject. However, you can manually change this setting in Aperture Priority. It adjusts the depth-of-field for the subject in focus.

A higher f stop number, like f/11 allows more light in and increases the depth-of-field. A lower f-number like f/2.8 does the opposite.

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