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What does [R 04] mean on the Nikon D3400 Display?

Nikon officially introduced the Nikon D3400 in August 2017. The Nikon D3400 is a 24.2-megapixel DSLR camera that comes with an F mount lens. The official marketing aspect of the camera was created for both beginners and hobbyists. This camera replaces the Nikon D3300. The camera’s features can also vary from one country to the next based on the combination of body and lens kits.

This camera is available in many countries with an AF-18-55 mm kit lens. This includes image stabilization, which is a very popular feature today. The camera is available in both black and red colors. This camera is distinguished from its predecessor by many features. It offers longer battery life, improved ISO, infrared, and is very light. It also features a Nikon DX CMOS sensor.

The camera is packed with great features. The shutter option is a popular feature amongst camera enthusiasts. This feature allows you to take many pictures at once in a short time. This option can be used to focus on motion or other aspects that require a full focus. This allows you to select the best option among the many pictures to obtain the exact one that you want. This option can be used to take multiple photos at once to create a unique film. This feature can be used in multiple ways and at different times.


The buffer is an essential component of this. You need to understand how a buffer works. The buffer is a temporary storage container for the camera. This is where the camera stores various data, such as pictures, to be saved onto the computer’s memory card. This feature can prove to be very beneficial for the user. This feature allows you to take a lot of images or continuous shots, reducing the time between shots and ultimately saving the image to the camera’s memory. This feature improves the efficiency of your camera by increasing how many images you can take in a short time so you don’t miss the shot.

What does [R 04] mean on the Nikon D3400 Display?

[R 4]

The Nikon D3400 is a stunning camera that features a large digital screen to allow you to view the image you are interested in. The screen will show you how many pictures you can fit on your memory card. The brackets at the right-hand end of the viewfinder show the initial value. The shutter button will change the value. This value is primarily used to show you how many pictures you can store on your memory card. It also shows you how many images are possible to fit in the buffer of your camera’s memory. This is what happens when you click the shutter button at the top of your camera to take pictures.

To make it easier to understand, these values are represented in codes. For example, let’s say that the [R 04] value indicates that there are four images that can be stored in the camera memory buffer. The camera will automatically disable the shutter button when the memory buffer is full. The camera can still go at your speed.


The Nikon D3400 is a great camera that offers many features. It is even more impressive with the feature you see above.

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