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Nikon D3500 Landscape Settings

Nikon 3500 is an excellent choice for landscape photography. With its extensive range of advanced settings, this camera is ideal for landscape photography. It is difficult to capture landscape photography, but it is possible if you can use all the settings and configurations available on your camera. Use a 52MM wide-angle landscape lens for Nikon D3500 ( Check price on Amazon).

 Let’s get in there!

How do I adjust the Nikon D3500 Landscape Photography settings?

Step 1. Composing the Landscape with Nikon

Get the right gear for your job. Landscape photography is possible with some of the most advanced lenses. Sigma 10-20mm F/4-5.6 is the best lens for landscape photography. It captures vast fields (Hey! You can find it on Amazon. A wide-angle lens can help you make the most of the foreground. Zoom in to 18mm if you have the kit lens. This will give you the best view. This is an international list of top Nikon lenses for landscape

Landscape Lens for Nikon D3500 Sigma 10-20mm F/4-5.6 EXDC HSM

Step 2. Setting the Shooting Mode with Nikon

Nikon d3500 landscape AF area and Focus mode

Aperture Priority should be set to the shooting mode. This is A on your dial mode. Next, change the Aperture F-number to f/8. Rotating the command dial on the camera will set the Aperture number. You can set landscape mode to f/8. Then, depending on available light, increase it to f/11, f/16, or to keep the background details in focus.

Step 3. Setting other features for Nikon landscape photography

Nikon d3500 landscape – ISO settings

There are just a few steps left before you can click your photo. To avoid image noise (which can be a problem with higher ISO settings), it is better to set the ISO to 100. You must ensure that your metering is set up to the matrix to ensure that everything is perfect. A shutter speed of 30 seconds for landscape photography is ideal, depending on the subject. Aperture Priority mode allows you to select the purchase you wish to use, and the camera will choose the shutter speed. For night photography, the shutter speed should be kept at 30 seconds or less to minimize image noise and hot pixels.

Step 4. Setting the Focus

Nikon d3500 landscape – setting focus

The focus of the camera, while you are taking a photo, is what will make or break your photograph. It is best to set the focus mode to AF-S and the AF Area Mode for landscape photography to Auto-AreaAFAF. Auto-Area AF’s best feature is the fact that it selects a section from your frame to be the focus. It does this based on how contrasty it is. You can also choose Single-point Auto-Area AF if you prefer to manually pick an area to focus on. This allows you to select an area with the highest contrast. You can click the picture by pressing the shutter half-press.

Step 5. Setting up the Release Mode

Release mode for the Nikon D3500 Landscape

After you’ve completed all of the settings, mount your camera on a tripod and set the self-timer mode. Because your hand movements won’t interfere with the ability to take a great picture, the self-timer is the best method to click a photo.

Step 6. Tripod for Nikon D3500 Landscape Photography

Your camera’s performance will be better if you are more stable. A tripod with an upside-down center column will allow you to take macro photos. These tripods also allow you to capture 360 degrees of the landscape without blurry or discontinuous shots (swivel head).

Nikon D3500 Tripod For Landscape

This 52MM HD wide-angle lens is available for purchase. This lens is compatible with all Nikon D series, including the Nikon D3500.

Landscape photography can be difficult with even the most beautiful cameras like the NikonD3500. However, these steps will help you get a great picture.

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