Nikon D5600 Wide Angle Lens


How to take a landscape photo using Nikon D5600

Nikon D5600 for Landscape Photography

The 24-megapixel Nikon D5600 DSLR camera is among the most sought-after DSLR cameras below $1,000. Its excellent image quality, speedy performance and customer satisfaction are highly appreciated. This model is ideal for beginners who want to improve their photography skills. Landscape photography is best suited for wide angle lenses. You should make sure that your Nikon has a compatible wide-angle lens (Hey! You can find it on Amazon.

landscape photo with Nikon D5600

NIKON D5600 + 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 18mm, ISO 100, 1/40, f/8.0

nikon d5600 wide angle lens

However, many Nikon users have encountered problems while taking Landscape photos. You can learn the steps below to fix the problem.

Step 1. Setting the ideal shot with programmed Auto Mode

The Nikon D5600 has the Program auto mode (P), semi-automatic modes like Shutter-priority(S), Aperture priority (A), as well as the Manual (M), exposure mode. The camera can intelligently adjust the settings to get the best shot. This mode is ideal for beginners who will eventually switch to other techniques once they are more proficient in photography. You can adjust the settings according to your convenience with the various modes on the camera.

Step 2. Fixing the aperture in desirable modes

It is not difficult to capture a great landscape shot, but it takes practice to master the art. When you find a scene that appeals to your eyes, adjust your lens to a wide angle and set the aperture in the P, M, or A modes. You can then adjust the shutter speed to your liking. If you have a slow shutter speed, don’t shake the camera. You can also place your camera on a tripod to get clear shots. You can also set the metering mode to Centre Weighted or Matrix with the “i” button. This function analyzes the whole scene and averages the exposure.

Step 3. Setting the focusing techniques

Another focusing method is single-shot autofocus (AFS). This allows you to take quick shots. To test which angle draws viewers’ attention to the scene, you can click photos from several angles.

Step 4. Focus locking of Nikon D5600

All Nikon cameras have the ability to lock focus on one subject. Frame your image and focus on the subject. Then, you need to press the shutter release halfway up for one time, and then hold it there. This will set your focus for that particular shot. You won’t be afraid of losing your focus on your subject once your focus has been locked. You can then adjust the camera’s position to create more interesting compositions.

Step 5. Setting the right subject

Pro photographers would suggest that you use AF-S for your focus mode at the beginning. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right subject in a landscape view. You can adjust the position of the point so that the subject is always in focus.

Nikon D5600 can help you get the perfect frames for a landscape shot by using the Landscape setting and starting with the SCENE mode.

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