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How to adjust the shutter speed of Canon EOS 90D

You will be able to capture the perfect shot, no matter how professional or an amateur you are. Shutter speed refers to the time that the shutter is open on your camera. This helps you decide how much light your camera sensor will be exposed. To get great shots, you must not only adjust the ISO and aperture but also the shutter speed.

Two reasons are why shutter speed is so important. It allows you to adjust the brightness of your photos. The shutter speed can also be used to create dramatic effects in your photo, such as blurry motion and freezing. This guide will show you how to adjust your Canon Eos90D shutter speed.

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How to adjust the shutter speed of Canon EOS 90D

Step 1.

Turn on the manual mode

Canon EOS 90D shutter speed manual mode

You may need to switch the setting from ‘Auto” to ‘Manual’ in order to adjust the shutter speed on your Canon Eos 90D. Only then can you take control. Auto mode is where your camera makes the decisions. You won’t be able to adjust the shutter speed of your Canon Eos 90D. When you configure your camera settings, you can switch it to manual mode. To change the mode to Manual or ‘M’, you will need to turn the dial at the top of the Canon Eos 90D.

Step 2.

Use the Touchscreen To Rotate The Dial

Canon EOS 90D shutter speed touch screen

Rotating the main dial will change the shutter speed. It will be located near the button to click the picture. As you turn the dial, you will see the Canon Eos90D shutter speed change. You can adjust the shutter speed by placing small marks near the dial.

You can also do it differently. Some Canon cameras, like the Canon Eos 90D have a touchscreen option. It allows you to adjust the Canon Eos 90D shutter speed simply by touching the screen. There are many options to choose from. You have a wide range of shutter speeds to choose from. Canon Eos 90D has the slowest shutter speed at 1/6000, while Canon Eos 90D has the fastest.

Step 3 :

Change the AF mode

Canon EOS 90D shutter speed- AF mode

When you are photographing an object in motion, shutter speed is crucial. You can blur the background to make the object look sharper and easier to capture. This will allow you to adjust your Canon Eos 90D accordingly to the moving object.

Step 4 :

Use the bulb mode

Canon EOS 90D shutter speed-bulb mode

You need to slow down the Canon Eos 90D shutter speed to blur objects in motion. To reduce overexposing, your aperture should be smaller. It is recommended that you use an ND filter along with a lower ISO setting to reduce the light entering your Canon Eos 90D cameras.

You have two options: move your camera to blur the image or use a tripod so that you blur only moving objects. While you are doing this, turn on the bulb mode. This can be found by adjusting the main dial on your camera.

You now know what you should do. It’s easy to adjust the shutter speed of your Canon Eos. Follow these steps carefully and you’ll be able take the picture you want.

Tip: When taking images in low light, it is best to use a slower shutter speed. If the lighting conditions are not ideal, you can allow for more light exposure. Also, if you have bright lighting, your shutter speed should be fast to maintain control over the brightness.

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