Nikon Z6 Settings For Sports


How to use Nikon Z6 shutter speed

Nikon Z6’s ISO range is ISO 100-51,200. Users can increase this number up to 50-204 800 (similar to the Alpha A7 III). You can see the preview of your pictures with the EVF and the 3.69-million dot viewfinder.


Camera shutters are like a thin curtain that is placed in front of the sensor. They stay closed until the user fires off the camera. The shutter will automatically open when the camera is in use.

Once enough light has been collected, the shutter automatically closes and stops the light from hitting the sensor.

Shutter speed refers to the time the shutter stays open while the sensor is exposed to light. This is the time it takes for your camera to capture a photograph. Certain effects can be achieved by shutter speed in images captured.

Dramatic effects and brightness

The Shutter speed is a key setting in digital photography that can give you lifetime benefits. Shutter speed does two things: it blurs motion, captures freezing action shots, and it brightens the image.

The camera will produce a motion blur effect if it is set to a long shutter speed. This effect is useful when the subject is moving.

This effect was used to advertise cars and bikes. It communicates speed and motion to the viewer by deliberately blurring moving wheels.

Nikon Z6 shutter speed-motion blur

You can take photos of any object at night or in dimly lit surroundings by setting your camera to slow shutter speed.

Photographers will use long shutter speeds to give the illusion of movement on rivers and waterfalls, while keeping everything else crisp and still.

Nikon Z6 shutter speed: blurred and crisp

However, if the shutter speed is faster, any motion will be eliminated by the camera sensor, which can result in a freeze-action shot. This type of shot can be captured even if your subject is very fast, such as a bird or racing bike.

How do you measure shutter speed?

Shutter speeds can be measured in fractions per second. To understand, let’s take an example:- 1/4 signifies a quarter of a second, while 1/250 means one-two-hundred-and-fiftieth of a second (or four milliseconds).

Modern mirrorless and DSLR cameras can shutter at speeds up to 1/4000ths of a second. Some have faster shutter speeds, like 1/8000th of seconds.

A view of Electronic First Curtain shutter:

Along with the mechanical and silent electronic shutter options, you will receive an “Electronic First Curtain”. It can be found at:

MENU> CUSTOM-SETTING MENU with a pencil symbol> ‘dā€™ Shooting/display> ‘d5ā€™ shutter type.

Nikon Z6 shutter speed ā€“ electronic front-curtain shutter

The shutter opens silently. It then closes with a mechanical click. This helps to eliminate camera shake when using a tripod. It will let you know when your exposure is complete.

Sensing Auto ISO minimum shutter speeds

Nikon Z6 has established an auto ISO minimum shutter speed. This is before the “Auto ISO” begins increasing the ISO. This ensures that the camera does not shoot photos at a slower speed than this speed.

The Nikon Z6 takes photos at a slower speed than the above speeds when it is shooting at the highest ISO. In this case, the lights will become darker.

Example:- Set AUTO ISO minimum shutter speed at “1/focal length” if the subject is still

If you’re taking photos of random people, increase the shutter speed by /125 to keep their eyes sharp. To keep athletes in motion, you can set the shutter speed to 1/500 when shooting sports.

Nikon Z6 is a great pro camera that can take stunning still and moving photos with precise shutter speed settings.

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