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How to set Canon EOS RFV mode settings

The Canon EOS RFV mode, or Flexible Priority, has been gaining popularity with photographers since its recent release. It combines full manual exposure, aperture priority (AV), shutter priority (TV), and full-auto. The ISO can be set to auto when the FV, aperture priority, and shutter speed control are selected. The new Canon EOS R Fv mode allows you to adjust each one manually. All other functions will adjust following the settings to ensure proper exposure. Photographers who desired a fully automated exposure used to have to adjust the shutter speed and aperture. There was also the option of using Program AE mode. In situations where beginner photographers don’t want to adjust camera settings, it is still an effective context.

Shooting with Canon EOS R FV mode

Tips for using Canon EOS R FV mode to photograph:

Step 1Understanding Flexible Priority (FV), the mode

Flexible-priority/Fv mode is similar to ProgramAE mode on Canon cameras. This will help you understand its functionality. The fully automatic exposure mode Program AE, also known as P mode, allows the camera to set the shutter speed and aperture value. This setting is useful, especially if you don’t know what effect a specific aperture or shutter speed will make on your image.

Step 2. Flexible Priority Option

Canon EOS R Flexible Priority option

You will always be looking for good opportunities to snap a great photograph, even if you are the best and most experienced photographer. You are less concerned about aperture or shutter speed. This feature was provided by Canon EOS cameras’ “P – AE” mode, which has been available for many years. Canon EOS R Fv mode now allows photographers to bypass all controls for any setting during a quick shot.

Step 3. FV Mode functions

Fv mode is very similar to P-mode. Fv mode has a fully functional automatic exposure. The camera takes into account the focal length and the ISO selection as well as shutter speed and aperture opening. In Fv mode, the camera will display a bold underline below the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO in the viewfinder or LCD monitor. This signifies that each setting is being controlled by the camera.

Step 4Fv Mode exposure control

Canon EOS R Fv mode allows you to quickly change from a fully-auto Program AE mode to Shutter-, or Aperture priority. To achieve Manual exposure control, you can adjust both shutter speed or aperture. You can also choose whether to use total manual ISO or auto ISO. Canon EOS R Fv mode exposure controls make all this possible.

5. Fv Mode is better than P Mode

Many photographers are refusing to use P mode because of several reasons. Poorly captured photos are often the result of photographers spending a lot of time switching the Canon EOS R Fv dial to shutter priority (Tv), aperture priority (Av), or manual (M). The Fv mode can be toggled using the rear thumb dial. This allows you to adjust the exposure variable that best lights up your photos. You can also quickly switch from full automatic Program AE to shutter priority or aperture priority by using the exact controls.

It will take some time for beginners to become familiar with Fv mode. It will soon be easy and you won’t go back to your usual way of shooting.

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